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1. Bop Design Announces Why WordPress Beats Joomla and Drupal – Mitchell Alomar

"WordPress, the world’s most widely used blogging and web content management system, keeps getting more popular. As reported on http://www.elegantthemes.com, the system was downloaded 46 million times in the last 12 months. That comes out to 126,000 downloads a day, 5,250 an hour, and 89 per minute. And with an upgraded version planned for release by the end of 2013, these numbers will surely increase.

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2. 14 Ways To Prevent Your WordPress Blog From Being Hacked

"There are over 5 million results in google for the keyword ‘prevent wordpress hack‘. Everyone has their own opinion and I dont think all of these posts are updated frequently. It’s been a while I have posted here. If you have been following me on my twitter then you should know what I have been up to. First, here are few things you should know- I have made several changes to this blog.

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3. Securing Your WordPress Website

"This is a bit off the SEO topic, but is very important in regard to online security, so I’m going to write about it here anyway.

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4. 15 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes to Launch Your Online Store

"Looking for best WordPress eCommerce Themes to create your own eCommerce sites? The world of commerce has been always changing and the booming of eCommerce is nothing to be surprised of but something you should not overlook.

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5. WordPress › WP-Mobilizer « WordPress Plugins

"Mobilize your WordPress! Automatically detects all the Mobile Browsers (more than 5,000+) and loads the theme as per your settings done in admin.

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6. plugins – How do I add to the list table a filter? – WordPress Answers

"You can use views_edit-post hook to do so. It is a possible variation of views_{$this->screen->id} and resides in class-wp-list-table.php.

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7. Matt Adams: Creating Themes ​And Customizing Admin | WordPress.tv

"The basics of creating ​ and customizing​ themes, plus the customizing the admin for ease and beauty.

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8. Zac Gordon: Learning Web Design Via WordPress | WordPress.tv


February 10, 2014

This talk identifies the primary web design and development skills including, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and FTP. Throughout the talk, Zac identifies how you can start with minimal or no knowledge of these skills and begin to become proficient with these skills, moving up to becoming a real web designer if interested.

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9. Disable Default Dashboard Widgets | Digging into WordPress

"Continuing with tips for customizing the WordPress Dashboard, here is a look at one way to remove unwanted widgets and clean up the default WP Dashboard.

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10. How to Add a Bitcoin Donate Button in WordPress Using BitPay

Bitcoin button

"Bitcoin is quickly becoming a popular way to accept online payments. It is fast, digital, and cost effective. Due to the tremendous increase in the Bitcoin value, it has caught the attention of mainstream media. One of our users asked us how they can accept Bitcoin payments on their WordPress site.