WordPress Table Plugin Roundup

Tables are a pain in WordPress, and also in the web in general – even in Multimarkdown.

Here is a snippet that I have for Multimarkdown Tables:

First Header Second Header Third Header
First row Data Very long data entry
Second row Cell Cell

The second row lays out the cell

Problem is that often the data you are trying to format comes from a web page, and looks like this.

First Headerr
Second Headerr
Third Headerr

r = return R=row C=column

In your text editor, you can selectively remove the first two returns and replace them with tabs. Then you need to format the rows with |pipes|. My text editor of choice is BBEdit. In that program you can prefix/suffix the lines with pipe and returns, and then do a grep search for t (a tab) and put the pipes inside the cells.

This is not an easy task, particularly for a wide spreadsheet with many columns, and if you forget and leave ‘soft wrap’ on in your text editor.

These are the top 4 plugins on the WordPress Repository from a simple ‘tables’ search.


WordPress › Search for tables « WordPress Plugins

Easy Table

Easy Table is WordPress plugin to create table in post, page, or widget in easy way using CSV format. This can also display table from CSV file.
Version: 1.5.2Updated: 2014–7–20Downloads: 310,830Average Rating:4 stars(77) Author: takien

Wp easy table

Verdict – This plugin seems to work well. I used the data from the other plugin, to fill in the example. Note that you need to convert your data to comma separated text, and fiddle with the Table title and headings.

WP-Table Reloaded
WP-Table Reloaded is outdated! Please install its successor TablePress only. Visit http://tablepress.org/ for more information.
Version: 1.9.4Updated: 2013–7–31Downloads: 665,286Average Rating:4 stars(457) Author: TobiasBg

Easy Pricing Tables by Fatcat Apps
Create a Beautiful, Responsive and Highly Converting Pricing Table in Less Than 5 Minutes with Easy Pricing Tables for WordPress. No Coding Required.
Version: 1.7Updated: 2014–10–3Downloads: 60,261Average Rating:4 stars(46) Authors: davidhme, fatcatapps

Pricing Table Ready!
Pricing Table Ready! WordPress plugin allow you generate and manage CSS3 pricing table or comparison table with table generator in the easy way.
Version: 2014–8–22Downloads: 139,216Average Rating:3 stars(56) Author: Pricing Table"

We can already see some of the deficiencies of the repository. The bottom two hits are specific for Pricing Tables, and are not what we are looking for. The second listing – WP-Table Reloaded is out of date. It has been replaced by Table Press.

TablePress Demo

This plugin has it’s own icon on the left side of the Admin screen.

TablePress opening

TablePress import table

Verdict – This is a better plugin, in that it allows you to set up and import your table more automatically. You need a comma-separated-text file, but you can import it directly from your computer.

Both of these plugins will do the job of setting up tables in WordPress, and they are free.