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"The term ‘Theme Framework’ currently has two meanings:

  1. A ‘drop-in’ code library that is used to facilitate development of a Theme
  2. A stand-alone base/starter Theme that is intended either to be forked into another Theme, or else to be used as a Parent Theme template

Code Library

A ‘drop-in’ code library framework is not a stand-alone Theme. Such frameworks cannot be installed nor used as a stand-alone Theme. Rather, these libraries are included with the Theme, and ‘bootstrapped’ to the Theme by being included in the Theme’s functions.php file."

Some examples of such frameworks include:

Base/Starter Theme

A “base/starter” Theme framework is a stand-alone Theme designed to be a flexible foundation for quicker WordPress development, usually serving as a robust Parent Theme for Child Themes. Some Theme frameworks can also make theme development more accessible, removing the need for programming or design knowledge by Creating Options Pages.

Other, Newer, Responsive Frameworks and Theme Starters

GitHub WP-Boostrap

Wpb bencarlson

1. bencarlson/wp-bootstrap

"A WordPress theme built from scratch with Bootstrap 3. It’s a starting point for any WordPress / Bootstrap 3 development efforts, not a finished product.

It allows for configuring a custom logo in the wp-admin area.

I’ve solved the nasty navigation issues that you’ll run into if starting from scratch using wp-bootstrap-navwalker from Edward McIntyre.

It has a custom frontpage, if you care to use it, based on one of the Bootstrap examples.

Let me know if you have any issues with it, and feel free to send requests!

-Ben ben@hillfold.com"

2. andij/wp-bootstrap

"Bootstrap, for WordPress

WordPress and Bootstrap, from Twitter got in to bed after a party round my uncles pad in London and had a love child. The results of which are here for all to see.

The wonderful guys over at 320press have done a wonderful job, please take a look for fresh inspiration http://320press.com/wpbs/


Get your WordPress installation and drop this buff stuff into /wp-content/themes/ and switch to the bootstrap theme, then ‘go wild’


Drew Jones


3. iwek/WP-Bootstrap

“WP-Bootstrap is a Free Bootstrap Theme for WordPress. Bootstrap (http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/) is a toolkit from Twitter and an amazing way of designing websites. It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, and more. Now, it is transformed into a simple WordPress theme. Enjoy!”

4. twittem/wp-bootstrap-navwalker

“A custom WordPress nav walker class to fully implement the Bootstrap 3.0+ navigation style in a custom theme using the WordPress built in menu manager.”



5. Foundation | The Most Advanced Responsive Front-end Framework from ZURB


The Mothership – You can download the CSS here.

Tools Worth Downloading

6. Foundation | Stencils

"How to Use Them

We took special care to make this set complete to the features and UI elements available in Foundation. These can be installed as a stencil for Omnigraffle for Mac or used as a vector PDF in a program like Adobe Illustrator. You’ll cut hours off your wireframes without needing to create each element from scratch!

Download them from the Playground"

Have a look at Omnigraffle. Using it, on your Mac, you can wireframe your own Foundation site.

Here are four Foundation-based themes from the WordPress.org repository, so you don’t have to roll your own:

WordPress › Search for Foundation « Free WordPress Themes

1. Clean Yeti Basic

2. Planet Foundation

3. _second-foundation

4. thetalkingfowl

The Second-Foundation theme reminds me of the book by Isaac Asimov – that was a great trilogy.d