SC Google Ranking

1. SC Google Ranking – WP.org/Plugins

SC Google Ranking

This plugin lets you know the ranking of your website in Google search when you search by keywords. You can define which country you would like to search as Google search result is different by country.

Keep monitoring your website to get the best ranking by using this plugin.

  • Requires: 3.5 or higher
  • Compatible up to: 4.0
  • Last Updated: 2014–10–29
  • Downloads: 7
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2. Quizlord – WP.org/Plugin


This is a plugin that allows users to create quizzes and answer to questions, see their scores and so on…

This is a unique plugin. First of all, it’s different form other plugins that you can pause the quiz you are taking and continue from the last answered question anytime you wish.

The other characteristics may not be unique, but it has all the features that a quiz plugin must have – it saves users’ scores in database, timed quizzes, allows edit/delete quizzes, add/delete/edit questions in already created quizzes, see statistics for each quiz from admin menu for admins, etc..

Also loading of each question is made with ajax, which makes everything very comfortable, fast and beautiful, and also secure (so no one can see the right answers with inspecting code element, which was present in some quiz plugins).

Polymer Components

3. Polymer Components « WordPress Plugins

"Add Polymer components to your website! Polymer brings an implementation of Google Material Design to the web.

This plugin allows to add Polymer elements in your posts and pages. The same components used in Android Lollypop. You can use the HTML editor with the Polymer tags or the shortcode [poly] for all the elements. The correct HTML libraries will be loaded automatically when you use a Polymer tag. Polymer documentation page: http://www.polymer-project.org/

Shortcode syntax: [poly ELEMENT-TAG ELEMENT-OPTIONS]

Tags: core-icon, paper-button, paper-checkbox, paper-slider, etc.

Options: style, id, class, etc.


Polymer Components are part of the Google Web Components Project, as they endeavour to improve web modularity.

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