1. rtPanel – WordPress.org


“WordPress theme framework with Custom Menu, Header and Background along with Logo, Favicon, Featured Image, Google Custom Search Integration and more options. Now includes a Foundation 5 framework, Grunt Task Runner, Bower package manager, SAAS based CSS preprocessor and translation support. This theme comes with free technical support by team of 30+ full-time developers.”

  • Last Updated: 2014–02–05
  • Downloads: 42,376
  • Rating – 4.4 out of 5 stars

This one uses modern tools as well as Foundation 5, so it will be automatically responsive for mobile.

Theme Junkie

2. Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie Site

Looks like just shy of 50 themes and 6 free plugins. Looks like a pretty good deal – you get all of this for life for under a 100 dollars.


3. Casper – WordPress.org


“A Ghost-like WordPress theme. Casper (for WordPress) is a simple yet beautiful theme for bloggers. Inspired by the Ghost blogging platform, Casper is a WordPress port of the default theme by the same name. The goal of this project is to emulate the gorgeous theme while taking advantage of features exclusive to the WordPress framework.

There are plenty of customization options included, accessible through the WordPress Customizer. Already included are hooks to serve responsive images appropriately and media queries to provide a fast and seamless experience from desktop to mobile. For questions, support, development instructions, or to contribute to the project visit."

  • Last Updated: 2014–09–09
  • Downloads: 18,651
  • 4.5 / 5 stars (for 2 ratings)

Just in time for Halloween. Check out Ghost when you have a minute. If you are looking for a new Markdown based platform, it might be the one for you. Only problem for me at this point is unweildy graphics management and no xmlrpc (MarsEdit) access.


4. Fictive – WordPress.org


“Fictive is all about you – your style, your look, your story. Make it personal with a custom header image, a Gravatar, and links to your favorite social networks. Use Post Formats to dress up your content, add a custom menu and widgets, or keep it simple with a fixed-position header.”

  • Last Updated: 2014–08–06
  • Downloads: 26,191
  • 5 / 5 Stars – 3 ratings

This theme is from the mothership – Automattic, but has a nice simple look.

National Basic

5. National Basic – WordPress.org

National Basic

“Create a truly unique design with National Basic, a lightweight and fully responsive HTML5 theme. Use the Customizer to add your own header image, page layout, site width and more. Distinguish each post with one of the eight supported post formats, such as: Video, Image, Aside, Status, Audio, Quote, Link and Gallery. Install JetPack to display each of your galleries through a tiled view and jQuery carousel. Compatible with bbPress & BuddyPress. Built using SASS, Compass and Bootstrap 3. Uses Google Fonts for improved typeface readability. Designed for desktop browsers, tablets and handheld devices.”

  • Last Updated: 2014–10–08
  • Downloads: 2,575
  • No ratings

This one looks like a keeper. Modernizer is a big part of many html5 websites – of all kinds.


6. Wix – WordPress.org


“Wix is a Twitter bootstrap based responsive WordPress theme with Masonry layout which can be used for personal or corporate websites. Developed using Bootstrap that makes it mobile and tablets friendly. Wix incorporates latest web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3 and is SEO friendly.”

  • Last Updated: 2014–09–03
  • Downloads: 6,084
  • 4.7 / 5 Stars 3 ratings

Masonry produces a cascading grid layout by filling the spaces with irregular blocks. I don’t like the look of the left sidebar on this one.


7. Gridz – WordPress.org


“Pinterest like personal blogging theme powered by jQuery Masonry. Beautiful retina-ready and responsive theme with flexible layout. Tons of options to customize the theme according to your needs.”

  • Last Updated: 2014–03–27
  • Downloads: 6,961
  • 3.5 / 5 Stars – 2 ratings


8. WEAVr – WordPress.org


“Weavr is a Responsive HTML5 Minimal theme. It contains the awesome Kube CSS framework for all of the main styling. It has a mobile friendly drop down menu, built in youtube and vimeo responsive video solutions. WooCommerce Ready. Some one with development knowledge can edit the theme by using the SASS (.scss) files to customise the colours and overall design. It also comes with modernizr and Conditionzr already setup.”

  • Last Updated: 2014–02–18
  • Downloads: 7,121
  • No ratings

Yo! Manga

9. Yo! Managa – WordPress.org

Yo Manga

“A theme based on Twitter Bootstrap. The Theme is 100% responsive – you do not need a separate mobile-Theme with this layout , the Glyphicon Icon set, a clean and simple design and a lot more! Bootstrap runs on HTML5 and CSS3, a 12-column grid and comes with custom jQuery plugins. See the Bootstrap documentation on GitHub for reference.”

  • Last Updated: 2014–08–04
  • Downloads: 1,483
  • No ratings

This is a responsive twitter bootstrap theme. Note that you can also use a plugin to make your theme responsive.

The Bootstrap

10. The Bootstrap – WordPress.org

The Bootstrap

“A WordPress Theme based on Bootstrap, from Twitter. It features a 100% responsive layout, a superb gallery and image handling with a custom image meta widget and carousel for gallery post-formats, the Glyphicon Icon set, a clean and simple design and a lot more! The Bootstrap runs on HTML5 and CSS3, a 12-column grid and comes with custom jQuery plugins. See the Bootstrap documentation on GitHub for reference.”

Last Updated: 2012–12–22
Downloads: 87,227
4.8 / 5 Stars – 45 ratings – most 5 star

This theme is starting to look dated – but it is popular, and would be a good starting point.