CSS Drive

1. CSS Drive News- CSS3 oval switch checkboxes

"CSS3 oval switch checkboxes

Slick looking, oval shaped checkbox replacement switches using CSS3.

Excellent, as Mr. Burns would say.


CSS Compressor

Use this tool to compress your CSS code, with three levels of compression to choose from!

Image to Color Palette Generator

Get the primary colors of any image in hex format with this online tool!

Image Optimizer

Use this tool to easily optimize regular gifs, animated gifs, jpgs, and pngs, so they load as fast as possible.

Button Maker

Use this tool to easily create those popular 80×15 micro buttons you see on web sites everywhere.

FavIcon Generator

Generate a favicon using any regular image with this tool. A favicon is a small, 16×16 image that is shown inside the browser’s location bar and bookmark menu when your site is viewed.

Ribbon Rules Generator

Create alternating colored horizontal rules quickly with this new Web 2.0 tool.

.htaccess Banning Generator

This tool generates for you the necessary .htaccess code to ban visitors based on their IP address, block traffic originating from certain domains, or disable hotlinking on the desired file types on your server, such as images.

.htaccess Password Generator

Use this tool to generate all the necessary codes needed to password protect a directory or selects files within it on your site using .htaccess."

Cloud Four Blog

2. » Don’t use <picture> (most of the time) Cloud Four Blog

"Browser support for the picture specification is landing and as Marcos Cáceres said, it is time to ‘go forth and <picture>; all the things!‘

Except you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t <picture> all the things.

But you should start using picture now for responsive images. No reason to wait.

Confused? You’re not alone.

<picture> vs. picture

Standards are developed in non-linear fashion. Ideas evolve and merge. And often at the end of a lengthy process, you look back and wonder how you got here.

And in this case, where we ended up is with a specification called ‘picture’ that contains much more than the <picture> element. The picture specification includes srcset and sizes and you can use those attributes without using the <picture> element."

New learning – you need to use backticks to get <tokens> to show up in Multi-Markdown.

Smashing Magazine

3. Applying Participatory Design To Mobile Testing | Smashing Magazine

"People use their mobile devices everywhere: on the train, while waiting in line, sitting on the couch. As much as we aim to design our mobile apps and websites for contextual use, testing their usability in context can be challenging.

While getting out in the field for user testing is not always realistic, simulating much of that contextual experience in a lab is possible. One approach to mobile testing is participatory design.

A participatory design test session typically takes about an hour and has four parts:

  1. Uncover the user’s mental model.
  2. Enable the user to document their entire experience.
  3. Have the user sketch their ideal experience.
  4. Ask for the user’s feedback on designs from previous sessions.

I’ve conducted this type of study while researching how visitors to’s app use their mobile device while purchasing a car on a dealer’s lot. The artifacts from this study are included in the steps below."

Apple Insider

4. In-depth REVIEW: Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone 6 running iOS 8

"After establishing iPhone 5s as a ‘forward thinking’ high-end luxury device a year ago, Apple is now enhancing its eighth generation of iPhone with a broad range of new and improved hardware components, inside a slimmer new case design with a much larger, higher-resolution display.

IPhone 6 Mockups

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 delivers five major categories of enhancements over Apple’s bestselling iPhone 5s (which was already both the world’s top selling iPhone and top selling smartphone): a new Retina HD display packing more pixels in a larger panel with significant technology advancements; improved A8 and M8 processors enhance speed and battery efficiency; new cameras enable better photos and videos; enhanced wireless supports much faster Wi-Fi, faster and feature-enhanced LTE mobile and new NFC-based Apple Pay features; and a slim new unibody design makes the larger device easier to carry and use given their large size."

The Verge

5. BlackBerry Passport review | The Verge

"‘BlackBerry is still around?’

I’ve heard that question quite often the past few weeks, as I’ve been using the BlackBerry Passport. Contrary to what many people in my social circle believe, BlackBerry is indeed still around and is ready to make itself relevant once again.

For years, BlackBerry tried to fight the iPhone, but that was a battle it brutally lost. Now it’s leaving that fight behind and going back to its roots: making tools for getting work done. The ideal BlackBerry user doesn’t have time to play games, doesn’t have time to send Snapchats, and doesn’t have time for any nonsense. This person only has time for business. BlackBerry actually has a name for these people: ‘Power Pros.’ The Passport is for Power Pros.

Consumers long ago abandoned BlackBerry smartphones for greener, app-filled pastures. But even the company’s traditionally strong enterprise position is being overtaken. Why carry a BlackBerry I don’t enjoy using when I can access all of my company’s data and tools on the iPhone or Android phone I already have? BlackBerry’s response: double-down on productivity all over again."

On the Verge of Oblivion – Sad really that Blackberry has not dialed back to the memory of devices past. Screwing around with a keyboard design that works is a pretty stupid idea. It is the one feature that distinguishes the Blackberry from all of the touch screen devices. As a Canadian, to see this technology fall so far is distressing. Not even the ‘Great One’ – Wayne Gretzky can revive this brand. It has Do Not Resuscitate written all over it at this point.

6. Marka – Beautiful transformable icons


“Beautiful transformable icons
built for the web.”

Looks like a simple Bower install – add the files to html and you are good to go.

The changelog

7. Gulp as an (OS X) app – The Changelog

"A powerful command-line tool married to a slick GUI is a beautiful thing. Sindre Sorhus’ gulp-app is just that.

Gulp OSX app

It’s OS X only at the moment, but expansion to other operating systems is on the road map."

No need to apologize, other than to the poor developers who get to grapple yet again with the stupidity that is Windows (insert current version disaster here). Just download the .zip file on GitHub and you get a menulet in the menu bar.


8. Predict and win with Champions League Predictor | TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004

Champion League App

“The first set of matches in this year’s UEFA Champions League competition are underway across Europe. Now you can keep on top of all the action and by predicting the outcome of the upcoming games earn the crown as the top predictor by using the new app Champions League Predictor. This free universal app requires iOS 6.0 or later.”

WP Tavern

9. A New Resource Devoted To WordPress and Photographers

WP Photographers, is a new resource created by Aaron Hockley, to help photographers and WordPress users share their photos and build photography businesses. Whether you’re a beginner or a photographer looking for the best webhosting service, WP Photographers has you covered. In addition to guides, Hockley routinely publishes reviews of WordPress themes and plugins related to photography.”

WP Photographers

Looks like a great new resource. Time to dust off your pictures.

WP Tavern

10. Flox: Privately Hosted Social Networks Powered by WordPress and BuddyPress

"Flox Enters the Market to Provide Hosted Private Networks


Flox is a brand new service will soon be launching hosted private networks powered by WordPress, BuddyPress, and Framework7. The platform will allow you to host your own social network, completely under your control, with the ability to send status updates, photos, messages, and more, in your own private place on the web. Flox users can be part of multiple networks or ‘flocks,’ hence the platform’s sheep logo."

Roll your own social network, an intriguing idea. Buttercup has left the building, so all that it working at Flox is email pleas to become a Beta tester – really.

Flox sign ups