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1. Josh Levinson: WordPress e-commerce… eCommerce… Ecommerce? | WordPress.tv

"PUBLISHED September 6, 2014

With WordPress powering over 20% of all known websites, one would assume that it’s used for more than just blogging. WordPress is used for corporate websites, mobile apps, social networks, e-commerce, and more. This session includes guidance on setting up, hosting, securing, theming, and customizing a WordPress e-commerce website. Criteria is shared for selecting an e-commerce plugin, while parts of the talk will focus on a particular plugin for the purpose of illustration. The session is most helpful to those who are interested in or in need of an e-commerce website, but could use some guidance in getting off the ground. The talk delves into moderately technical subjects, but not in a way that would prevent beginners from gleaning important information.

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Wp ecommerce

EVENT – WordCamp Asheville 2014"

WordPress tv

2. Curtis McHale: Getting Started With Unit Tests | WordPress.tv

"PUBLISHED – September 8, 2014

We all know that we should probably be testing our code but how on earth do you start? Well we’re going to talk about WP CLI and Vagrant and how that sets up testing for you. We’ll take a look at some test patterns and a Github repo started to hold test patterns for people to refer to.

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EVENT – WordCamp Vancouver 2014"


3. Installing and Using PHPMyAdmin for Web Development – Tuts+ Code Tutorial


"PHPMyAdmin (PMA) is an excellent free, open source web-based database client which can be used to interact more easily with MySQL and application databases. I’ll describe how to install it, secure it and some common scenarios with which it can assist you in database administration. Here’s an online demo of PMA for you to explore.

In addition to offering a visual GUI for database operations, I also appreciate being able to run command line SQL operations via my browser without having to log in to the server via SSH. For example, some WiFi connections and mobile hotspots regularly terminate persistent SSH sessions, making database tasks problematic."

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4. 1,000+ WordPress Themes on Envato Market Potentially Affected by Slider Revolution Security Vulnerability


"A couple days ago we wrote about a critical security vulnerability that was found in the popular WordPress Slider Revolution plugin and silently patched by its author. Envato Market has since launched further investigation of the matter, as the product is not only hosted on their marketplace but also packaged with many other products.

The company has identified more than 1,000 themes sold through its marketplace that are potentially affected by this vulnerability. While many of the products have already been patched, some theme authors have not yet acted. In recognition of the severity of this vulnerability and the ease with which it’s exploited, the marketplace is temporarily disabling themes that have not yet been patched:"

“We are starting to temporarily disable affected themes that haven’t been updated, contacting authors of those themes to get an update through ASAP. This will take a while as there are a lot of themes to manually sort through.”

When you are an independent platform that relies on chunks of code, you can run into problems like this.

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5. Create a Website for Your Presentation Slides with the Reveal.js Theme for WordPress

Reveal js splash

"Many speakers use the Reveal.js HTML presentation framework to display slides due to its simplicity and compatibility with mobile devices. It was created by Swedesh developer Hakim El Hattab, who also hosts a fully-featured visual editor for authoring slides if you don’t know how to write HTML.

WordPress users who want to create and host their own slides now have the option to use the Reveal.js theme for WordPress. It installs just like any other theme and requires the addition of the Fieldmanager plugin. The theme takes over the entire website so it should only be used on a site dedicated to displaying presentation slides."

The Reveal.js theme is a GitHub project, with an online editor. I really like the look of this, particularly the compass button at the bottom right. This should give services like Slideshare a good run for their money.

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6. Speed Up Your WordPress Site with Pound, Varnish, Nginx and mod_pagespeed

Codeable io

The author is with codeable.io

"A vast majority of online articles about speeding up your WordPress site mention and use a plugin called W3 Total Cache (or W3TC for short). Rightfully so, because it’s a great, all-in-one solution to get your WP site fast with relatively small amount of work.

However, I’m not really a fan of all-in-one solutions, mainly because they bring a lot of complexity to the table, and as far as WordPress plugins go, possibly introduce compatibility issues and upgrade headaches.

That is why I decided to look for alternatives that would still make our (secure) WordPress site really fast and a friend recommended to look at mod_pagespeed, which turned out to be a great solution for making our WordPress really fast, with minimal effort."

Mozilla Hacks

7. Introducing Blast.js ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

"After releasing Velocity.js, a highly performant web animation engine, I wanted to leverage that power for typographic manipulation. The question soon arose, How could I animate one letter, one word, or one sentence at a time without bloating my HTML with wrapper elements?

If I could figure this out, I could create beautiful typographic animation sequences (the kind you see in movie titles), and perform real-time textual analysis.

After researching lower-level DOM methods and polishing my RegEx skills, I built Blast.js: a jQuery/Zepto plugin that breaks apart text to enable hassle-free text manipulation. Follow that link to see a few demos."

8. Webapplate – Maintainable web app template for Firefox OS and Chrome Apps ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

"There are many powerful tools and technologies surrounding the Web, and we can reuse them to develop cross platform mobile and desktop apps, especially in light of installable apps appearing on platforms such as Firefox OS. This article looks at the best way to do this, and presents Webapplate, a powerful new template to help facilitate this.

Why invent the wheel (for the new frontier)
As is the nature of the whole web, web apps are simple to write but hard to get done right. Even though the Web doesn’t provide an SDK or simple ready-to-use templates like other mobile platforms, you can still come out with a workable web app from candidates like Mozilla Open Web Apps, Chrome Apps, or Apache Cordova. But developers who want to quickly build a web app usually take longer time than say, an iOS developer."


9. Running Code Reviews with Confidence · An A List Apart Article

“Growing up, I learned there were two kinds of reviews I could seek out from my parents. One parent gave reviews in the form of a shower of praise. The other parent, the one with a degree from the Royal College of Art, would put me through a design crit. Today the reviews I seek are for my code, not my horse drawings, but it continues to be a process I both dread and crave.”

Nobody enjoys editing their work, but you need to get through it, and Git is a great framework to follow the dodges and weaves of development.


10. I remember January 10, 2010, rather well: it was the day we lost a project’s complete history. We were using Subversion as our version control system, which kept the project’s history in a central repository on a server. And we were backing up this server on a regular basis—at least, we thought we were. The server broke down, and then the backup failed. Our project wasn’t completely lost, but all the historic versions were gone.

The move to Git