1. Issue #127 | CSS Weekly

"Issue #127

  • Naming CSS Stuff Is Really Hard – Ethan Muller
  • Used and Abused – CSS Inheritance and Our Misuse of the Cascade – Micah Godbolt

Articles & Tutorials

  • The Pursuit of 60fps Everywhere – Nat Duca
  • Building a Logger Mixin in Sass – Hugo Giraudel
  • Buffer’s CSS – Brian Lovin
  • Centering in CSS: A Complete Guide – Chris Coyier
  • Animating Without jQuery – Julian Shapiro


  • CSS Shapes Editor
  • CSS Gradient Inspector


  • A New Documentary About Jeffrey Zeldman"


2. Glitch Effect on Text / Images / SVG | CSS-Tricks

"Lucas Bebber’s Glitch is a super cool effect. It’s like you’re looking at some text displayed on a progressive scan monitor that has been dropped on the ground one too many times and so the alignment of the pixels is off in weirdly un-even amounts time and space.

It’s bonafide CSS trick if there ever was one! It took me a bit to figure out how it was working, so I thought I’d explain. Then I ended up making it work for other kinds of content as well as making it into a group of Sass @mixins to make working with it a bit easier."


3. Adding and Removing Images with the WordPress Media Uploader – Tuts+ Code Article

"In the previous post in this series, we started working with the latest iteration of the WordPress Media Uploader in order to get a clearer understanding of how to begin to incorporate it into our projects.

The tough part of working with this new (well, new since 3.5) feature is that it’s not as well documented as other features. This obviously leaves a lot of developers – especially beginners – scratching their heads with how to get started with it. Couple that with a complete overhaul of the underlying system, and you have a lot to cover.

Based on the feedback from the first article, we’re going to look at expanding the scope of this series a little bit more. In this article, we’re going to look at practically applying the functionality that we introduced in the last article. Then, in a follow-up article (or perhaps more than one follow-up article) we’ll look at some more of the finer points of how the Media Uploader works."


4. What Is the XY Problem and Why Is It Bad? – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

"One of the things that makes WordPress so awesome is the willingness of members of the community to help others. 

No matter where you seek out help, one of the hurdles to solving problems is asking for support about possible solutions, instead of asking about the underlying problem itself. 

This is what we call an XY problem. 

A simple example of an XY problem would be if you asked ‘How can I get a 1/4 inch wood screw through sheet metal with a hammer?’ A answer that is technically correct would be to suggest hitting the screw really hard with a hammer repeatedly and hope for the best.

Yes, you probably should be using a longer screw, designed for metal, not wood and a screwdriver instead of a hammer. That said, since we don’t know what you’re trying to attach the sheet metal to and why, how can anyone know if a screw is really what you needed in the first place?

By avoiding the XY problem, we can refocus support, both as someone asking for support or someone providing support, from being about solving individual problems, to being focused on reaching goals."


5. Creating A Mini-CSS Preprocesser For Theme Color Options – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

"WordPress provides theme developers with a powerful system for creating easy-to-use theme option systems via the Theme Customizer. While the customizer provides an excellent real-time preview system and a great overall user experience, defining the output of options set in the customizer can get messy. 

In this tutorial, I will show you how to simplify getting color options that are set in the customizer into CSS in the front-end. This simple system can be adapted for use with other CSS properties as well as. This means that you can use these techniques to work with options set via other methods than the Theme Customizer."


6. Quick Tip: Changing the Password Protected Text in WordPress – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

"When password protecting a post in WordPress, the default text is often not quite right. In this quick tip, you’ll learn how to easily change the password protected message in WordPress.

Note that he following tutorial teaches you how to change the text as a plugin, however, the main code can be simply added to your theme’s functions.php file instead."

WordPress tv

7. John Housholder: Wireframes for WordPress |

"September 7, 2014

Have you ever built a house? Imagine buying a lot, hiring a contractor, and then he shows up with a crane, bulldozer, and some ‘crete and says ‘I’m ready.’ We often do the same thing when we build websites. We know we want a website, but don’t do the necessary planning to turn our ideas into reality. In wireframes for WordPress, I will discuss what wireframes are, my process for creating them, and how they fit into WordPress. Put on your hardhats and get ready to stop dreaming and start building!

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WordCamp Nashville 2014 "

WordPress tv

8. Evan Volgas: WordPress and Git |

"PUBLISHED September 8, 2014

This presentation talks about version control and WordPress. Specifically we’re going to look at Git, and how you can clone a git repository (like Github, BitBucket, BeanStalk, Gitlab, etc) to a live server and use your local machine to make and test changes. You’ll need to have some familiarity with SSH and a basic idea of what git is (Wikipedia is fine), but otherwise I’ll assume you’ve never used git and WordPress together and I’ll walk you through how you can do that.

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EVENT WordCamp Asheville 2014"

WordPress tv

9. Steffi Rausch: Theme Selection for Clients |

"PUBLISHED September 5, 2014

Don’t get into trouble with choosing the wrong theme, because you will regret it if you do!! Choosing a theme can affect how much design and coding you have to do, as well as how user-friendly the site will be to your client — basically it affects you and your client’s happy-factor and overall success!

Learn what things to test & research when choosing a theme, what needs to go in your contract to cover your ass, and how to talk your client through the process of being okay with using a template/theme.

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EVENT WordCamp Asheville 2014"

WordPress tv

10. Diana Brewster: Moving Your WordPress Site |

"PUBLISHED September 5, 2014

Want to change hosts? Don’t be intimidated. There are differences between hosting services, but you can meet all the challenges as long as you have access to FTP/SFTP and PHPMyAdmin. Topics that will be covered:

  1. Preparing your site for moving
    topics: backup, maintenance, domain name registration
  2. Preparing the new hosting site
    topics: new installation, uploading content, overwriting the database
  3. Fixing issues on the new site
    topics: file permissions, fixing postmeta media paths, testing, updating DNR.

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EVENT WordCamp Asheville 2014"