1. keen/dashboards · GitHub


"Responsive Dashboard Templates for Bootstrap

Our goal for these assets is to be as helpful and familiar as possible, without getting in your way. To that end, these layouts are composed of a minimal set of custom styles on top of Bootstrap v3.2, covering the most common use cases and layout configurations we’ve encountered so far.

Examples for specific domains, data models and popular integrations
Layouts for pre-baked responsive dashboard views
Create a free project ID to start sending events or check out our demo data."


2. Mac-dev-setup/Apps at master · Aaaaaashu/Mac-dev-setup

"Developer Tools

  • Google Chrome
  • Webstorm
  • Sketch
  • Dash
  • Sequel Pro
  • Parallels
  • Github"

    This is a good start at a list of Mac Dev Programs.


3. twbs/bootlint

What is Bootlint?

“Bootlint is a tool that checks for several common HTML mistakes in webpages that are using Bootstrap in a fairly ‘vanilla’ way. Vanilla Bootstrap’s components/widgets require their parts of the DOM to conform to certain structures. Bootlint checks that instances of Bootstrap components have correctly-structured HTML. Optimal usage of Bootstrap also requires that your pages include certain tags, an HTML5 doctype declaration, etc.; Bootlint checks that these are present.”

Bootstrap ninjas will need this one.

Hover Effect Ideas

4. codrops/HoverEffectIdeas

Some inspiration and modern ideas for subtle hover effects.

Article on Codrops


Images by Unsplash. Feather Icons by Cole Bemis. Font Awesome Icon Font created by Dave Gandy.

Integrate or build upon it for free in your personal or commercial projects. Don’t republish, redistribute or sell ‘as-is’.

Read more here: License

© Codrops 2014"


5. msanders/cider

"Start with a clean slate

Cider is a simple wrapper for Homebrew and Homebrew Cask that allows you to save your setup across different machines. This lets you to restore a backup without having to deal with the mess that was the state of your previous installation, or painstakingly babysit the process step-by-step.

Simply run the following on a new machine:

… and you’ll be back up and running, with all of your applications and command line utilities re-installed (and configurations restored).

In addition to Homebrew, Cider also supports managing your user defaults, restoring symlinks, and running scripts to conveniently manage other settings such as your dotfiles."

Well it is fall. Yeast and moonshine are still available as project names. Happy Halloween!


6. swoole/swoole-src

"Swoole is an event-based & concurrent framework for internet applications, written in C, for PHP.


The network layer in Swoole is event-based and takes full advantage of the underlaying epoll/kqueue implementation, making it really easy to serve thousands of connections.


In the request processing part, Swoole uses a multi-process model. Every process works as a worker. All business logic is executed in workers, synchronously.

With the synchronous logic execution, you can easily write large and robust applications and take advantage of almost all libraries available to the PHP community.


Unlike traditional apache/php-fpm stuff, the memory allocated in Swoole will not be free’d after a request, which can improve preformance a lot."


7. facebook/osquery

"osquery is an operating system instrumentation framework for OSX and Linux. osquery makes low-level operating system analytics and monitoring both performant and intuitive.

osquery exposes an operating system as a high-performance relational database. This allows you to write SQL-based queries to explore operating system data. With osquery, SQL tables represent abstract concepts such as

  • running processes
  • loaded kernel modules
  • open network connections

SQL tables are implemented via an easily extendable API. A variety of tables already exist and more are being written."


8. gajus/swing

"A swipeable cards interface. The swipe-left/swipe-right for yes/no input. As seen in apps like Jelly and Tinder, and many others.

Give it a swing! and please tweet it if you like it. : )"


9. jacebrowning/template-python

"This is a template for a typical Python library following modern packaging conventions. It utilizes popular Python libraries, external tools, and web services to fully automate all development and deployment tasks.

Here are few sample projects to see this template in action:

Chrome Devtools Cheatsheet

10. Chrome Devtools Cheatsheet

Chrome Devtools Cheat Sheet

Ok, this one isn’t a GitHub project, but is a useful resource.