1. An awesome replacement for JavaScript’s alert.

See it in action!

Sweet Alert

Pretty and easy to install with Bower.

Physical Web

2. google/physical-web

"The Physical Web is not shipping yet nor is it a Google product. This is an early-stage experimental project and we’re developing it out in the open as we do all things related to the web. This should only be of interest to developers looking to test out this feature and provide us feedback.

The Physical Web is an effort to extend the core superpower of the web – the URL – to everyday physical objects. Our core premise is that you should be able to walk up to any ‘smart’ physical object (e.g. a vending machine, a poster, a toy, a bus stop, a rental car) and interact with it without first downloading an app. The user experience of smart objects should be much like links in a web browser: i.e., just tap and use.

At its base, the Physical Web is a discovery service: a smart object broadcasts relevant URLs that any nearby device can receive. This ostensibly mundane capability can unlock exciting new ways to interact with the Web."

Start Here

The best place to start is with the Introduction document.

If you’d like to jump right in, check out the Getting started guide.


3. codecation/trailmix


"This is source code behind Trailmix, a private place to write.

Every day, Trailmix sends you an email asking how your day went. Simply reply to that email, and a journal entry is created.

To encourage you to write, and to provide a delightful reminiscence, each prompt email contains a previous entry chosen at random."

A Heroku journaling service.


4. dom96/nimkernel

"This is a small 32bit (i586) kernel written using the Nimrod programming language.

I have been wanting to do this for a while but it wasn’t until people in the #nimrod IRC channel inquired about Nimrod OS dev and the rustboot kernel inspired me that I finally did it.

It doesn’t do much, but it doesn’t need to. Its purpose is to provide a starting point for anyone wishing to write an OS in Nimrod."


5. zeman/perfmap

“A bookmarklet to create a front-end performance heatmap of resources loaded in the browser using the Resource Timing API. A browser with support for the Resource Timing API is required.”


6. dom96/nael

“An experimental language, based on the stack-oriented programming language by the name of Factor.”


7. segmentio/nightmare

"Nightmare is a high level wrapper for PhantomJS that lets you automate browser tasks.

The goal is to expose just a few simple methods, and have an API that feels synchronous for each block of scripting, rather than deeply nested callbacks. It’s designed for automating tasks across sites that don’t have APIs.


Let’s search on Yahoo:

var Nightmare = require(‘nightmare’);
new Nightmare()
.type(‘input[title=’Search’]‘, ‘github nightmare’)
.run(function (err, nightmare) {
if (err) return console.log(err);
Or, let’s extract the entirety of Kayak’s home page after everything has rendered:

var Nightmare = require(‘nightmare’);
new Nightmare()
.evaluate(function (page) {
return document.documentElement.innerHTML;
}, function (res) {


Awesome Shell

8. alebcay/awesome-shell

“A curated list of awesome command-line frameworks, toolkits, guides and gizmos. Inspired by awesome-php.”


Emoji One

9. Ranks/emojione

"The web’s first and only complete open source emoji set. It is 100% free and super easy to integrate.

The Idea

To standardize emoji on the web through the use of common :shortnames:.

When storing user inputted text in your database, say from a guestbook or through a CMS admin, you should always make sure you are storing text containing only :shortnames: and not Unicode emoji characters or emoji images. Then, when you are displaying that content to the user, you can convert it server-side with the PHP toolkit provided, or client-side using the Javascript toolkit which is also provided. Demos of this process using Javascript, jQuery, and PHP are included in the repo, and we have example code snippets below."

Hacker News API

10. HackerNews/API

"In partnership with Firebase, we’re making the public Hacker News data available in near real time. Firebase enables easy access from Android, iOS and the web. Servers aren’t left out; there’s also REST support.

If you can use one of the many Firebase client libraries you really should. The libraries handle networking efficiently and can raise events when things change. Be sure to check them out."