1. Issue #115 | CSS Weekly

CSS will-change is a new property that allows you to let a browser know ahead of time that an element may change, so that it can make any preparatory optimisations. Sara Soueidan shows you how to put an end to cargo-cult hacks, and speed up your animations.

Jackie Balzer shares an interesting approach for handling z-index values effectively by using simple lists of items in Sass.

Responsive Images Community Group

2. Use Cases and Requirements for Element Queries

This document captures the use cases and requirements for standardizing a solution for “element queries.”


3. Async Attribute and Scripts At The Bottom | CSS-Tricks

We’ve covered this before a bit. It’s extra-interesting to re-visit now though, because the async attribute is now really the only recommended way to be doing async scripts.

So, is there any reason to use the async attribute when the script is already at the bottom of the page?

Smashing Magazine

4. A User In Total Control Is A Designer’s Nightmare | Smashing Magazine

How do you balance the creative control you give to the users, the usability of the product they make with your tool and the flexibility of that tool?


5. UX design for augmented reality – Webcredible blog

Webcredible recently finished an incredibly exciting project working on Dulux’s new app, the Visualizer. The Visualizer is a next-gen augmented reality app for iOS and Android that lets you virtually paint walls in real time.

Apple Insider

6. Apple puts some Hachette e-books on sale as Amazon dispute drags on

With publishing house Hachette locked in a battle with Amazon that has seen the imprint’s titles pulled from Amazon’s virtual shelves, Apple’s iBookstore has become the next-best place for readers to shop as a number of Hachette e-books are now discounted to just $9.99.

Hachette has recently been ravaged by Amazon. Good for Apple for picking up the slack.

7. FiftyThree to bring natural ‘Pencil’ stylus control to ‘Paper’ app with iOS 8 update

Art-minded app and hardware developer FiftyThree on Tuesday announced it will be adding an iOS 8-exclusive feature to the “Paper” drawing app that lets users of the company’s “Pencil” stylus change the characteristics of a drawn line by modifying how they hold the tool.

8. Unicode Consortium announces 250 new emoji characters, ethnic diversity not included

The Unicode Consortium on Monday announced the latest Unicode Standard version 7.0 release includes 2,834 new characters and — more importantly to avid texters — more than 250 pictographs, otherwise known as emoji.

9. Apple partner Nuance exploring sale, reportedly in talks with Samsung

Nuance Communications, the voice recognition company whose technology helps to power Apple’s Siri personal assistant, is said to be exploring a sale of the company, with Apple rival Samsung allegedly a potential suitor.

Nuance is a big part of the Apple experience. I don’t think Apple will want them on the ‘dark side’.

10. Facebook brings right-hand column to iPad with new discovery features

Social networking behemoth Facebook on Monday updated their iPad app with a new right-hand column that brings tablet users faster and easier access to trending content and games.