1. Fixed Table Layouts | CSS-Tricks

"There is a CSS property for tables that, it seems to me, is well-supported, little known, and super useful. It changes the way that tables are rendered such that it gives you a sturdier, more predictable layout.

It is this:

The default property for table-layout is auto, and that is the table layout I think most of us are familiar with. That style, to me, feels spongy and weird."


"Watch my Google I/O video: Fundamentals of video on mobile

Simplest possible examples of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

There are shortcuts for many of these pages (see full list). For example, redirects to

I also maintain a list of resources for tutorials, documentation and reference material.

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Smashing Magazine

3. Don’t Be Scared Of Functional Programming | Smashing Magazine

“Functional programming is the mustachioed hipster of programming paradigms. Originally relegated to the annals of computer science academia, functional programming has had a recent renaissance that is due largely to its utility in distributed systems (and probably also because ‘pure’ functional languages like Haskell are difficult to grasp, which gives them a certain cachet).”

Definition of a nerd? >> Difficult to grasp?

4. Server-Side Device Detection With JavaScript | Smashing Magazine

“There are many strategies to choose from when developing a modern, device independent website nowadays. How should capabilities of the device or browser be determined? Should the presentation logic be server side or client side? Traditionally, mobile optimization had to happen server side.”

Apple Insider

5. Apple’s Cook says iOS 8 voice messaging a key feature, prompts speculation of inclusion in ‘iWatch’

“Citing a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook, an analyst released a report on Wednesday predicting iOS 8’s new voice messaging feature could trickle down to a long-rumored ‘iWatch’ wearable device, noting the gesture-based messaging technique is ideal for small-screened devices. ”

Oh, that again. Seems like there is always something we need to be anxious about.

6. Apple cuts $45 off iPhone ‘Reuse and Recycling’ trade-in value, new max set at $225

“Apple on Tuesday lowered trade-in values for its iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program in the U.S. and Canada, cutting as much as $45 off the value of older generation handsets like the iPhone 5. ”




"We’ve said it so often you’re probably sick of it.

Content marketing doesn’t work unless the content is genuinely worth reading.

Routine, phone-it-in content won’t get you the audience, the leads, the prospects, or the conversions you need.

Andy Crestodina over at Orbit Media Studios is one of the content marketers who really gets it. When I found out that Andy had conducted a survey of more than 1,000 bloggers about the specifics of how they work, I knew that I wanted to get a post together to share our takeaways from the survey.

Good content takes time. It’s a lot of work. And it can be hard to put the time in when we have deadlines and publishing calendars to meet."

Content marketer has an idiotic ring. Social media has been successful in perverting the development of good content, mainly because algorithms and crawlers wouldn’t know what good copy is if it bit them.

8. What You Need to Know About Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law – Copyblogger

"There’s a new piece of legislation in Canada — known as CASL — that has some content marketers rattled.

It goes into effect on Tuesday, July 1, and it’s a wide-reaching attempt to regulate electronic communication (email, but also texts and social media conversations) that’s commercial in nature.

As usual when you’re talking about change on the web, there’s a lot of flutter and noise around the issue. But if you’ve been following email marketing best practices, it isn’t as scary as it might seem."

If you live in Canada, an wondered why every valid subscription known to man is sending you a message to re-opt in, and the spambots selling Viagra and other trash have not abated one iota this is the government of Canada’s solution. Create spam for opt-ins and do absolutely nothing about the real problem. Same as the “Do not call list.” Enforcement on this one is 3 clerks sitting at a desk in Ottawa.

Mac 911

9. When auto-play videos play anyway | Macworld

"Reader James Haring would like to do something about videos that play unbidden in Safari. He writes:

I read your column about blocking auto-play videos and I’ve installed ClickToPlugin per your recommendation. But it doesn’t seem to be working. What am I doing wrong?
I use ClickToPlugin with Safari as well and have no issues with it failing to block the Flash videos that are thrust at me. Given that it works for me I’m going to suggest that you check the plugin’s settings.

To do that choose Safari > Preferences and then select the Extensions tab. In the resulting window you’ll see a list of any extensions you’ve installed (or an app has installed for you). Select ClickToPlugin and be sure that it’s enabled. If it is, enable the Click this checkbox to access the settings option."

10. Treating a processor-hogging Chrome browser | Macworld

"A reader who wishes to be known as Frustrated in Frisco has an issue with Chrome. The frustrated one writes:

The past couple of weeks, my MacBook Pro’s fan has been going crazy: Coming on suddenly and roaring like a jet taking off. I opened Activity Monitor to learn what was giving my CPU such a workout and Google Chrome Helper processes were consuming 50 percent or more of my CPU resources. Is there anything I can do about this?
You mean other than switching to a different browser? I wish there was a silver-bullet solution but this is a problem for a number of Chrome users and ultimately the solution will have to come from Google’s Chrome team. Should this public shaming not cure the problem overnight, here are a few things you can try.

Choose Chrome > Preferences > Extensions and disable any extensions you don’t absolutely need. In this same window click Settings, click Show Advanced Settings, click Content Settings in the Privacy area, and in the Plug-ins area of the resulting window, enable the Click To Play option."

The Chrome dudes have some work to do.