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AsyncDisplayKit – Facebook


1. facebook/AsyncDisplayKit

“AsyncDisplayKit is an iOS framework that keeps even the most complex user interfaces smooth and responsive. It was originally built to make Facebook’s Paper possible, and goes hand-in-hand with pop’s physics-based animations — but it’s just as powerful with UIKit Dynamics and conventional app designs.”


2. naelstrof/maim


maim (Make Image) is a utility that takes screenshots of your desktop using imlib2. It’s meant to overcome shortcomings of scrot and performs better in several ways.


  • Allows you to take a screenshot of your desktop and save it in any format.
  • Allows you to take a screenshot of a predetermined region or window of your desktop.
  • If slop is installed, it can be used for selecting a region to screenshot.


  • Allows you to blend the system cursor to screenshots. (Why don’t any other commandline screenshooters do this?)"



3. kimmobrunfeldt/progressbar.js

"Beautiful and responsive progress bars with animated SVG paths. Use built-in shapes or create your own paths.

See demo page for examples."


4. aFarkas/lazysizes

“lazysizes is a fast (jankfree) lazyloader for images (including responsive images), iframes and scripts/widgets without any dependency. It may become also your number one tool to integrate responsive images. Due to the fact that it can also automatically calculate the sizes attribute for your responsive images, it helps to seperate layout (CSS) from content/structure (HTML) and makes integrating responsive images into any enviroment simply simple.”

lazysizes is different to other lazy image loaders.

  • Works without any configuration: The script detects any changes to the visibility of an image/iframe automatically no matter wether it becomes visible through a user scroll, an CSS animation triggered through :hover or through any kind of JS behavior (carousel, infinite scroll, AJAX)…
  • Futureproof: It directly includes standard responsive image support (picture and srcset)
  • Seperation of concerns: For responsive image support it adds an automatic sizes calculation feature.
  • Performance: It’s based on high efficient code (runtime and memory) to work jankfree at 60fps.
  • Works together with low quality image placeholders pattern

Demo with Code Examples

### I needed this for the previous example – but took a screenshot instead, which is lame, given that the image was previously animated.



5. t4t5/sweetalert

"An awesome replacement for JavaScript’s alert.

See it in action!"

There seems to be a trend here.


6. matasar/bbedit_tools

"This is a ruby library for automating BBEdit. BBEdit has a lot of power to be automated, but AppleScript has some nasty rough edges, and this library/set of tools will hopefully smooth things out a bit for me. It comes with a couple of very basic command line tools that may be useful by themselves or as simple proofs of concept.

One is called ‘bback’ that takes search output from tools like Ack and The Silver Searcher. Even though BBEdit has very powerful multi file find and replace, I sometimes prefer to search with ag/ack when I’m going through huge codebases."



7. sindresorhus/pageres

"Capture screenshots of websites in various resolutions. A good way to make sure your websites are responsive.

It’s speedy and generates 100 screenshots from 10 different websites in just over a minute."

windo.fetch polyfill

8. github/fetch

“The global fetch function is an easier way to make web requests and handle responses than using an XMLHttpRequest. This polyfill is written as closely as possible to the standard Fetch specification.”

Awesome React

9. enaqx/awesome-react

“A collection of awesome React tools, resources, videos and shiny things.”



"React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

  • Just the UI: Lots of people use React as the V in MVC. Since React makes no assumptions about the rest of your technology stack, it’s easy to try it out on a small feature in an existing project.
  • Virtual DOM: React uses a virtual DOM diff implementation for ultra-high performance. It can also render on the server using Node.js — no heavy browser DOM required.
  • Data flow: React implements one-way reactive data flow which reduces boilerplate and is easier to reason about than traditional data binding."

Learn how to your React in your own project.


10. bborn/lewsnetter

"E-mail marketing application. Send e-mails via SES. Subscription management, delivery, bounce, and complaint notifications. Templates.

Deploy to Heroku

You’ll need to enter your SES credentials and your SES SMTP credentials in order to send mail. For more info on setting up SES in general, see here."

Looks like you need to embrace Amazon to get this to work. Haha for the naming.