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1. mailgun/transactional-email-templates


"Transactional HTML emails often get neglected. Styling HTML email is painful. Tables, inline CSS, unsupported CSS, desktop clients, web clients, mobile clients, various devices, various providers.

We’ve tried to remove some of the pain for you and open-sourced a collection of common templates for transactional email.

Mailgun templates

Each template is responsive and each has been tested in all the popular email clients."

2. Ehesp/Responsive-Dashboard

Responsive Dashboard

"AngularJS + Bootstrap Responsive Dashboard

This dashboard front-end was created as I was lacking a simple responsive but slick looking dashboard for another project of mine. Other available dashboards were bloated with external plugins and required a lot of hackery/work out of the box – plus the fact many were powered by jQuery. The design takes inspiration from other dashboards around, but the code to create the layout is my own.


  • Chrome, Firefox, IE 11+
  • Works best on screen sizes greater than ~335px

Responsive Screenshots

Live Example:

jQuery version available on the jQuery branch!"

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Facebook ADB

"fb-adb is a tool for interacting with Android systems. It does much of what adb does, but with better remote shell support and, hopefully, fewer bugs. Differences between adb and fb-adb are that fb-adb:

  • is binary clean (no LF -> CRLF mangling)
  • transmits and updates window size
  • distinguishes standard output and standard error
  • properly muxes streams with independent flow control
  • allows for ssh-like pty allocation control
  • propagates program exit status instead of always exiting with status 0
  • properly escapes program arguments
  • kills remote program
  • provides a generic facility to elevate to root without re-escaping"

Google Labs

4. CenturyLinkLabs/panamax-ui

Panamax UI

Panamax is a containerized app creator with an open-source app marketplace hosted in GitHub. Panamax provides a friendly interface for users of Docker, Fleet & CoreOS. With Panamax, you can easily create, share, and deploy any containerized app no matter how complex it might be. Learn more at Panamax.io or browse the Panamax Wiki.”

5. ochococo/Design-Patterns-In-Swift

Design Patterns in Swift

"A short cheat-sheet with Xcode 6 Playground (Design-Patterns.playground.zip).