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1. WordPress theming part1 1 – YouTube

“WordPress Theming (HTML to WordPress). For more WordPress Video tutorial visit www.unitedwebsoft.in/video-tutorials”

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2. Easy Webinar WordPress Plugin The best webinar software for WordPress – YouTube

“Video Conferencing Easy Webinar WordPress Plugin The best webinar software for WordPressGet Easy Webinar WordPress Plugin here:http://bit.ly/1vEI6oKEasy Webinar ”

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3. How to setup a wordpress blog – YouTube

“Just a short http://reinventingdennis.com/ on how to setup wordpress on your website, and start blogging now!”

4. EP101 – WordPress events: moving past WordCamps – Aug 25 2014 – YouTube

“On this episode of WPwatercooler we will be discussing WordPress events that aren’t ‘WordCamps,’ why these events exists and which events are out there for you to participate in.”

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5. Should I Switch My WordPress Website to HTTPS? – WP Mayor

"Google has recently announced that whether or not a website is using HTTPS (HTTP over TLS) will be a ranking signal as we go forward. Right now it’s not so important for ranking however it will progressively become more important in the coming years. Thus, the onus is on website owners to start making the move right now towards HTTPS.

HTTPS is not the easiest of topics and so many have legitimately struggled to understand Google’s latest move. However my good friend Robert at WP WhiteSecurity has written an awesome primer about HTTPS and why this is a good move by Google. It helped me understand very clearly why we need to start implementing HTTPS on all our websites, and I hope it will be very helpful to you too."

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6. How to Receive RSS Feed Updates via Email – WP Mayor

"In my daily work supporting and developing the WP RSS Aggregator plugin, I get many requests from people needing to do quite interesting things with RSS feeds. One of these is sending RSS feed updates to their email inbox. Many times users would have created a custom feed on their website which aggregates content from several other websites, and want that feed delivered to their inbox. That’s one of the use case of WP RSS Aggregator and this functionality is built into the core plugin itself.

Turns out that RSS to Email is a very easy thing to do."


7. Understanding and Working with User Data in WordPress – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

"WordPress stores user data in the wp_users table, which is linked to the wp_posts and wp_comments tables:

Wp data

WordPress also stores user data in two other tables:

Additional meta data on users is stored in the wp_usermeta table
Data on commenters who are not logged in is stored in the wp_comments table.
In this part of my series on data in WordPress, I’ll look at how WordPress stores user data and how you can access it, focusing first on the wp_users table."


8. Add a Beautiful Table of Contents to Your WordPress Posts – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

"If you write longer blog posts and want to give your readers a structured way to navigate your pages and posts, the free Table of Contents Plus plugin is an elegant solution. 

It automatically generates a Table of Contents on your page from section headings, resembling very much the great collapsible Wikipedia style contents boxes shown below."

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9. Gitter.im is a new service that provides free and private chat rooms for open source projects on GitHub. It integrates with issue tracking, supports markdown, notifications, and has an activity feed featuring multiple third-party integrations.

In order to use Gitter, you’ll need to sign in using your GitHub account.

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10. EDD Extension Boilerplate: A Quick Start to Creating Add-Ons for Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads launched its open source download delivery system for WordPress in 2012 and has since grown to amass a global network of contributors and developers. The project’s marketplace, which now boasts more than 100 extensions and dozens of themes, shows no signs of slowing down. With global WordPress usage on the rise and digital downloads becoming an increasingly popular vehicle of commerce, EDD is well-positioned to corner the market on download delivery.”

Developers looking to start creating add-ons for the platform have a new tool at their disposal. The EDD Extension Boilerplate gives you a head start on building an extension that conforms to EDD coding standards.