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1. VIDEO – Rhys Wynne: How to Get Your First Child Theme Off the Ground | WordPress.tv

"PUBLISHED August 20, 2014

Rhys does an introductory beginner talk on Child Themes, which involves the following:

  • What is a child theme?
  • When you should use a child theme?
  • When you shouldn’t use a child theme?
  • Structuring a child theme in your themes folder & common practices.
  • The style.css file of a child theme, how to structure it.
  • The functions.php file of the child theme.
  • Common Issues that beginners ask about.

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EVENT WordCamp Manchester 2014 1

WordPress tv

2. Tony Perez: WordPress Security | WordPress.tv

"PUBLISHED August 20, 2014

The key to website security is awareness, is what will be achieved in this talk. Getting down to the basics and sharing insight that very few can share through the experiences we have ascertained at Sucuri. The latest threats and trends will be shared, and of course, some good, hardening takeaways and recommendations.

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EVENT WordCamp Philly 2014"

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3. It’s Not Always a Pain in the Sass | WordPress.tv

"PUBLISHED August 20, 2014

An introduction to Sass, Grunt and how these tools can help speed up and streamline your WordPress-development workflow.

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EVENT WordCamp Denmark 2014"

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4. WordPress Multisite Tip: Add a Search Bar to the “My Sites” Menu

If you’re managing a multisite network where you’ve created a long list of sites, the “My Sites” menu in the admin bar can get so lengthy that it becomes difficult to navigate. 10up engineer Kailey Lampert designed an elegant solution to this problem.

The My Sites Search plugin does exactly what it says on the label. Once installed, it adds a search bar to filter the “My Sites” menu in WordPress multisite. It narrows the site list down as you type, making it simple to locate a site in your list.

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5. How to Find All Posts Using a Specific File Attachment In WordPress

"In a previous article, I mentioned how WordPress doesn’t provide information to locate posts where an attachment is in use. Comments to the article indicate others are interested in having this information as well. Find Posts Using Attachment created by Sergey Biryukov, is an easy to use plugin that solves this problem.

The plugin adds a Used In column to the list view in the media library as well as to the attachment details modal. Not only can you find posts that use the image in a post or as a featured image, it works with custom post types too."

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6. Akismet Account Dashboard Gets a Major Overhaul

“Akismet announced a redesign and complete update of the account dashboard today. Finding out what’s going on with your Akismet account is no longer a cryptic process thanks to the new additions to the dashboard. It now includes helpful stats and a full listing of all your active sites.”

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7. Create and Manage SVG Spritemaps in the WordPress Media Library

"If you try to upload an SVG in WordPress, you’ll discover that it doesn’t yet have native support for adding SVGs to the media library. However, it’s easy to add them to WordPress’ allowed mime types to remove the restriction via a plugin.

Many users are eager to use SVGs, especially for logos, because of their many advantages over traditional graphics. SVGs can scale to any size without losing quality, which means they will look great on retina displays. They can also be easily styled via CSS to add multiple colors, gradients, filters, etc.

SVG Spritemap is a relatively new plugin that allows you to upload SVGs to the media library. It also adds the ability to create and manage an SVG spritemap, which lets you display and manipulate the images separately while including them in one larger file to reduce HTTP requests."


8. Rolling Your Own Framework – Tuts+ Code Article

"Building a framework from scratch is not something we specifically set out to do. You’d have to be crazy, right? With the plethora of JavaScript frameworks out there, what possible motivation could we have for rolling our own? 

We were originally looking for a framework to build the new content management system for The Daily Mail website. The main objective was to make the editing process much more interactive with all the elements of an article (images, embeds, call-out boxes, and so on) being draggable, modular, and self-managing.

All the frameworks that we could put our hands on were designed for more or less static UI defined by developers. We needed to make an article with both editable text and dynamically rendered UI elements."

Will frameworks become more modularized over time? Seems it is hard to please everyone, or even imagine the features that a given organization is looking for.

The milo framework project is here.


9. Low Poly Trend: Six Free Generators for Backgrounds and Images – noupe

“Low Poly is a growing trend. More and more websites make use of modified imagery, most commonly in backgrounds. Low Poly is no rocket science. Basically it is just a special form of mosaic. But instead of using rectangle shapes Low Poly uses polygonal forms. As triangular shapes are the most common, the trend is also known as Triangulation. In the following article we will introduce you to a variety of web services and apps that will enable you to generate these trendy shapes in no time.”


Trianglify – this just took a few clicks.



10. Web Design & Development News: Collective #129 | Codrops

Codrops Collective  129

Always worth a look for design inspiration.