1. Exploring WordPress Custom Fields and Why They’re Important – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

"Since WordPress began as a blogging platform the default set of fields that make up a post are designed to fill the needs of a blog. While WordPress has evolved into a full-featured content management system, making it work as one requires adding more fields to each post than exist by default.

WordPress has support built in for adding as many custom fields as you need to each post as post meta data. This meta data, which is stored in the post meta table can store any information you need. By creating custom post types with custom fields you can use WordPress to store, display, and search any type of data."

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2. Kailey Lampert: Hidden Treasures of WordPress | WordPress.tv

"There are a lot of hidden, little-known, and under-documented parts of core that can be really handy to have in your toolkit. Let’s take a look at several of the most-loved and under-used parts of core that will make us all better developers.

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Kailey Lampert"

Excellent review and demonstration of some WordPress functions.

3. Kronda Adair: Planning a Successful WordPress Site | WordPress.tv

"PUBLISHED August 9, 2014

Provides a blueprint for investing your time and money wisely to end up with a site you love that is also useful, effective and easy to manage. This talk is about finding a good developer, asking the right questions, and what you as the site owner should be prepared to contribute.

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Kronda Adair"

Planning your WordPress Site – do you do any?

4. How to add subtitles and translations to WordPress.tv | WordPress.tv

"This video shows you how to add a subtitle or translation file to any video hosted on WordPress.tv. Before you get started it is a good idea to first go to Amara.org and create a free account.

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Jerry Bates"


5. The Simple Criteria That Determines Which Jetpack Modules Are Auto-Activated


"Since the release of Jetpack in 2011, there have been several articles highlighting the fact that it auto activates modules. George Stephanis, a member of the Jetpack development team, has consistently explained that ‘Jetpack only auto-activates modules that provide enhancements without affecting the front-end layout of the site.’

Earlier today, Stephanis published a post on his blog that goes into detail on how the decision is made to auto-activate a module."

6. WPCore App Adds Export Feature: Save Active Plugins to a Collection with 1-Click

"We’ve been following the evolution of the WPCore plugin management app, which recently added favoriting, update notifications, and the ability to add plugins that aren’t hosted on WordPress.org. Today, the app’s developer, Stuart Starr, announced what is perhaps the most convenient feature to date.

With WPCore Plugin Manager installed, users can now export all of their plugins with one click and save them to a new collection on WPcore.com. This is useful if you have a site that already has all the plugins you want to include in a specific collection."

7. WordPress Rainbow Hilite Plugin Adds Rainbow.js for Syntax Highlighting

"If you regularly blog code snippets, adding a syntax highlighter plugin can help make your code more readable and easier to copy. Many plugins use language-specific shortcodes to surround embedded code, but this generally requires you to remember the right way to form the shortcode. The new WordPress Rainbow Hilite plugin uses a different method for embedding code in posts.

The plugin incorporates the lightweight Rainbow.js syntax highlighting library into WordPress and is completely themable via CSS. Rainbow Hilite utilizes the visual editor to add language-specific styles to pre tags."

I’m putting this one on my todo list for this blog.

8. Espied: A Free WordPress Portfolio Theme for Designers and Photographers

"If you’re on the hunt for a new design to showcase your work, WordPress.com’s beautiful Espied theme is now available for use on self-hosted sites. This striking minimalist portfolio theme was created with designers, photographers, and artists in mind.

Espied theme

Espied utilizes WordPress.com’s portfolio feature, which was recently added to Jetpack. With this custom content type enabled, users can easily manage and showcase projects with the [portfolio] shortcode."

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9. WP Rich Snippets is a plugin that has been designed to make it as easy as possible to publish professionally presented reviews on a WordPress website. The plugin adds a set of custom fields to the post or page editor which when completed by the user, presents information such as the price, rating, description, call to action buttons, and more, in the published post.

WP Rich Snippets also helps increase search engine traffic by making your site standout in the listings. This is achieved thanks to its ability to add semantic markup, such as star ratings and other information to the listing.

These two aspects of the plugin combine to send more visitors to your reviews, which engage your users better thanks to their professional appearance and eye-catching call to action buttons.

Downside – you’ll be out $59.95 and open your site to comments – which I would consider, but after I figure out how to spoil the spammers out there.

10. How to AutoPost from one Site to Another with WordPress – WP Mayor

"If you want to automatically post content from one site to another this can easily be done with WordPress and RSS feeds.

You will need a WordPress plugin that automatically creates posts from an RSS or Atom feed. That’s exactly what the WP RSS Aggregator plugin in combination with the Feed to Post add-on do.

The original site can be a WordPress site, non-WordPress site or any other web enabled app that can produce an RSS feed. That’s the key, the RSS/Atom feed will be used as the source for your imported content.

Simply get WP RSS Aggregator and Feed to Post, then follow the instructions below to have your content streamed automatically into your site."