Straight Up Top Ten – Minus #1 Which we did last week – Google Material Design Icons


1. fastos/fastsocket

“Fastsocket is a highly scalable socket and its underlying networking implementation of Linux kernel. With the straight linear scalability, Fastsocket can provide extremely good performance in multicore machines. In addition, it is very easy to use and maintain. As a result, it has been deployed in the production environment of SINA.”


2. haoel/leetcode

“LeetCode C++ Solutions”

Not very descriptive?

You Don’t Know JS – book series

3. Please feel free to contribute to the quality of this content by submitting PR’s for improvements to code snippets, explanations, etc. While typo fixes are welcomed, they will likely be caught through normal editing processes, and are thus not necessarily as important for this repository.

To read more about the motivations and perspective behind this book series, check out the Preface.


  • “Scope & Closures” (published!)
  • “this & Object Prototypes” (published!)
  • “Types & Grammar” (draft complete)
  • “Async & Performance” (draft in progress)
  • “ES6 & Beyond” (planned)

A group writing gig?

q – Text as Data

4. harelba/q

"q is a command line tool that allows direct execution of SQL-like queries on CSVs/TSVs (and any other tabular text files).

q treats ordinary files as database tables, and supports all SQL constructs, such as WHERE, GROUP BY, JOINs etc. It supports automatic column name and column type detection, and provides full support for multiple encodings.

q’s web site is http://harelba.github.io/q/. It contains everything you need to download and use q in no time."


5. adobe-webplatform/dropcap.js

"Though drop caps are very common in magazines and books, they remain rare on the web. We believe this is because doing it right simply and reliably is too difficult. A simple CSS float:left on a ::first-letter pseudo-element is not enough, as this tumblr shows.

The CSS Working Group is currently specifying a new property for drop cap layout. Until this makes it into all our favorite browsers we wanted to make it work with today’s platform."


6. asciimoo/cssplot

"Simple, css-only plotting.


  • No javascript required
  • Easy-to-use
  • Responsive"


7. cazala/synaptic

"Synaptic is a javascript neural network library for node.js and the browser, its generalized algorythm is architecture-free, so you can build and train basically any type of first order or even second order neural network architectures.

This library includes a few built-in architectures like multilayer perceptrons, multilayer long-short term memory networks (LSTM) or liquid state machines, and a trainer capable of training any given network, which includes built-in training tasks/tests like solving an XOR, completing a Distracted Sequence Recall task or an Embeded Reber Grammar test, so you can easily test and compare the performance of different architectures.

The algorythm implemented by this library has been taken from Derek D. Monner’s paper:

A generalized LSTM-like training algorithm for second-order recurrent neural networks

There are references to the equations in that paper commented through the source code."

Awesome Machine Learning

8. josephmisiti/awesome-machine-learning

"A curated list of awesome machine learning frameworks, libraries and software (by language). Inspired by awesome-php. Other awesome lists can be found in the awesome-awesomeness list.

If you want to contribute to this list (please do), send me a pull request or contact me @josephmisiti

For a list of free machine learning books available for download, go here"

Awesome WPO

9. davidsonfellipe/awesome-wpo

“A curated list of Web Performance Optimization. Everyone can contribute here!”


10. IdleHandsApps/IHKeyboardAvoiding

“IHKeyboardAvoiding is an elegant solution for keeping any UIView visible when the keyboard is being shown – no UIScrollView required!”

There is a big need for this!