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Landing Page Criteria

The Perfect Landing Page. Landing page examples and 12 tips – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice

"Defining landing pages

First, of all, what is a landing page or microsite? Not everyone knows this jargon and actually, there’s no simple answer.

My definition is that landing page or microsites are: ‘Specific page(s) on a web site created for visitors referred from marketing campaigns which are designed to achieve a marketing outcome.’

Anything referred to as a landing page is intended to maximise conversion of visitors to this page or series of pages to a particular marketing outcome – sale, lead or change in brand metrics.

Most typically, the outcome is conversion to action, typically data capture where a site visitor fills in an online form to generate a marketing lead.

Landing page goals

Effective landing pages are those that meet their objectives, so let’s start with typical objectives. Often it is thought that response is everything – so objectives are not though through, but that this can lead to data capture pages that are too simple.

Typical communications objectives in order of importance are:

  • Achieve registration typically to generate a lead (such as a quote for insurance in our example) which leads ultimately to sale
  • Profile and qualify the site visitor in order to deliver more relevant follow-up marketing communications
  • Explain the value proposition offered by the company to differentiate from other sites the visitor may visit during the buying process i.e. Answer the visitors questions.
  • Communicate the brand values of the organisation running the campaign
  • If the visitor doesn’t want to disclose their details right now, provide contact details for traditional sales channels such as a phone number, or give the visitor reasons to return to the site or engage them through other relevant content or offers

It is important to run through these objectives since sometimes it is just the two primary objectives related to data capture that mainly determine landing page design and not the secondary objectives which are equally important. The majority of the visitors to the landing page won’t actually convert, so it is important to give them a favourable experience also."

Free Example Themes From the WordPress Theme Repository

1. WordPress › Just Landing « Free WordPress Themes

Just Landing

“This template will help you create a Landing Page or One Page. Light, easy-to-use, functional template Just Landing consists of only 22 sidebars ideal for building any landing page. Template creators have decided against using unnecessary graphic elements. Visitors of your page will be able to focus on content and won’t be distracted by anything else. On the home page, you can find instructions and demo content.”

2. WordPress › The Landing Page « Free WordPress Themes

The Landing Page

“This is very unique fluid-responsive theme. Amongst its current Features are: Built for Unlinked Multiple Landing Pages, Minimalistic Design, No Images Used – Pure CSS, Uses FontAwesome v4.0.3, Fluid Width Layout, and it is Compatible With Most Popular Plugins. The Landing Page WordPress Theme boasts a very unique feat of establishing a full theme with a Theme Options page and widgets at a very low file count and total size.”

  • Author: Jason Bruno
  • Last Updated: 2014–01–27
  • Downloads: 6,322
  • Theme Homepage »

3. WordPress › SqueezeMe « Free WordPress Themes


“A one column Squeeze page, or Landing page theme for building advertisement and informational Websites, no bells and whistles just a base template for you to build a Landing page layout with but still have the inherit ability to blog from your site with compulsory WordPress functions. Supports Banner upload in header. Optional menu support. Has a page Template named Squeeze Page to assist in creating single page style campaigns.”

  • Author: =|= tradesouthwest@gmail.com – 11 themes
  • Last Updated: 2014–06–03
  • Downloads: 1,893
  • Theme Homepage »

4. WordPress › Chelonian « Free WordPress Themes


“ Bold theme with landing page template to kick-start your project.”

Author: David Chandra Purnama – 5 themes
Last Updated: 2014–08–02
Downloads: 571
Theme Homepage »

5. WordPress › enrichmg « Free WordPress Themes


“ Magazine format suitable for professional association website. Custom static frontpage and landing page sandbox layouts. HTML5/CSS3 Responsive Design.”

  • Author: enricchi – 1 theme
  • Last Updated: 2014–07–24
  • Downloads: 1,889
  • Theme Homepage »

6. WordPress › Osiris « Free WordPress Themes


“Osiris is a premium quality theme with pixel perfect typography and responsiveness. The Theme also includes 4 built-in widgets,ad spots (72890) & (97090), 4 font,2 menu position etc. The clean and fully responsive design can be used for any type of website: corporate, portfolio, business, blog, landing page, etc.”

  • Author: Imon Hasan – 6 themes
  • Last Updated: 2013–12–15
  • Downloads: 12,926
  • Theme Homepage »

7. WordPress › Portal « Free WordPress Themes


“ At its core, Portal is a minimal blog theme, but it’ll work perfectly as photography and portfolio theme. It integrates with our Page Builder plugin, so you can use it to build anything from a single landing page to a full business website. We built Portal with speed in mind. It ships with fully optimized Javascript and image spritemaps – drastically cutting load times.”

  • Author: Greg Priday – 14 themes
  • Last Updated: 2013–06–28
  • Downloads: 14,618
  • Theme Homepage »

8. WordPress › Clearly « Free WordPress Themes


“ Clearly is a clean business theme. It has a straight forward options panel, with just a handful of settings. Instead of drowning you with options, Clearly gives you tight integration with Page Builder. This means you can use Clearly to create anything from a single landing page to complex business website. We offer free support on our support forums (http://siteorigin.com/thread/).”

  • Author: Greg Priday – 14 themes
  • Last Updated: 2014–07–08
  • Downloads: 11,556
  • Theme Homepage »

9. WordPress › Origami Paper « Free WordPress Themes


“Origami Paper is an Origami child theme. It takes Origami, which is a clean simple theme, and transforms it into a richly detailed theme with a warm wooden background and a host of small details to give your site a high quality feel. Just like Origami, this theme integrates nicely with our Page Builder. This means you can use Origami Paper for antyhing from a simple landing page to a fully functional business theme.”

  • Author: Greg Priday – 14 themes
  • Last Updated: 2013–07–30
  • Downloads: 14,427
  • Theme Homepage »

10. WordPress › Innovative « Free WordPress Themes


“Innovative is a Simple, Clean and Responsive Ready WordPress Theme which adapts automatically to your tablets and mobile devices. Theme is easily customizable with numerous theme options. The clean and fully responsive design can be used for any type of website: corporate, portfolio, business, blog, landing page, etc. Innovative theme is translation ready and available in english, french, german, russian, brazilian portugues, spanish. Get free support on http://cyberspeclab.com/forum/”

  • Author: cyberspeclab – 2 themes
  • Last Updated: 2013–09–24
  • Downloads: 26,772
  • Theme Homepage »