1. Prefill Your Own Forms in Dev | CSS-Tricks

There is a good chance there is a bunch of forms on the websites you work on. Login and signup forms, payment forms, contact forms, comment forms, etc. It’s a good idea to test these forms. Certainly automated tests are a good idea. Backend tests that process the form data and test the results. Frontend tests that test the functions there are doing what you expect.

But then there is manual testing. Like, I want to test this with my eyeballs and my keyboard and mouse and emotions and stuff. That’s probably the most common type of testing for designers. Certainly just filling out the forms by hand is a good idea, but doing that over and over gets so tedious you (gasp) might just not do it very often.

Perhaps we can just toss a little bit of code on our sites to prefill them when we need.

Smashing Magazine

2. A Thorough Introduction To Backbone.Marionette (Part 3) | Smashing Magazine

In this series on Backbone.Marionette, we’ve already discussed Application and Module. This time, we’ll be taking a gander at how Marionette helps make views better in Backbone. Marionette extends the base View class from Backbone to give us more built-in functionality, to eliminate most of the boilerplate code and to convert all of the common code down to configuration.

Apple Insider

3. OS X Yosemite first look video: Handoff

One of the more exciting features shown off at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference was Handoff, a piece of technology that lets OS X Yosemite recognize what a user is doing in an iOS 8 app and seamlessly transfer that action to Mac.

4. Apple, Inc. opens up access to its WWDC developer utopia

For twenty five years, Apple has been holding its Worldwide Developer Conference as an annual resource for its third party software and hardware partners. This year, the company is trying something new: it has invited a select group of observers to share the WWDC experience with everyone else.


5. PayPal Considering Incorporating Touch ID into Its iOS App | Mac|Life

It’s only been a couple of days since Apple announced that it’s extending its Touch ID

API to third party developers, and already PayPal is considering the possibilities of the service, reports BusinessInsider. “It seems to be a fairly easy API to use, but we’re still kicking the tires,” a source from PayPal told the publication.

Mind you, all PayPal has done at this point is attend a developer session at WWDC, as confirmed by Anuj Nyar, PayPal’s senior director of global initiatives. But Touch ID payments could represent a big step for the company, particularly if it figures out how to provide touch-based payments at restaurants, retail stores, and related establishments. Users can already perform such actions with the PayPal app at select locations; Touch ID would simplify the process even further.

Mac OSX Hints

6. Creating custom shortcuts with apostrophes – Mac OS X Hints

I’m running OS X localized in French and recently started using custom keyboard shortcuts extensively. But I’ve come across a few menu items for which I could not create a shortcut. I realized that all these items contained apostrophes. Not the same apostrophe as the one on the keyboard though (’ vs. ’ which is a single quote, ascii 39).

I managed to find the right char in a *.strings file inside the Ressource/French.lproj folder of the application package (Teminal.app in this case), which I could then copy and paste in System Preferences » Keyboard » Shortcuts.

I know the solution provided here is not very elegant. Maybe you will figure out something better.

7. 10.9: Disable App Nap System Wide – Mac OS X Hints

The Finder/Get Info checkmark for preventing App Nap sometimes disappears, seemingly at random. Maybe the app updates itself, or just writes something to the application directory and the checkmark is gone. The next day your overnight render is at 10%. So in Terminal, type:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES

This seems to prevent App Nap completely, looking at the Activity Monitor » Energy » App Nap column. Running programs need to be restarted for the change to take effect.

[crarko adds: I tried the command; not sure if it’s really made a difference. I don’t do overnight renders, but if people who do leave lengthy processes going care to comment, we care to listen. I’m really curious about the check box resetting itself.]


8. App Updates Not Showing in the iOS App Store? Here’s a Solution for iPhone & iPad

If you’ve ever launched the App Store in iOS to discover the “Updates” tab is empty, but you know for certain that an app update is widely available, you may have run into a peculiar and frustrating bug within iOS. Unlike the Mac App Store with Command+R, there is no easy way to ‘refresh’ the App Store in iOS, and while quitting out of the app sometimes works, it often doesn’t, and you’re left with an empty updates screen on the iPhone or iPad.

The changelog

9. All the Swift things – The Changelog

Apple shocked the developer community yesterday with its announcement of Swift, a new programming language for its Cocoa and Cocoa Touch platforms.

Interested in Swift? Here’s a list of related docs, gists, and projects to get you up and learning:


10. Inspiration for Inline Anchor Styles | Codrops

Today we have some more inspiration for you! This time we’ve thought about some creative and modern styles for inline anchors, i.e. links that are in the text flow. These anchors are somewhat restricted because they are surrounded by other text, and so we can’t just apply any kind of layout or effect to them due to their limited surrounding space. But there are some interesting things we can do to them and you’ve surely spotted already some of these around the web. We thought we’d give you some more inspiration of hover styles and effects, mostly involving pseudo-elements trickery and also some SVG magic (last two styles).