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1. migreyes/hazelnut · GitHub

Hazelnut: A barebones starting point for Jekyll

About this site template:

This is a Jekyll template which uses Sass and CoffeeScript for assets, and Rake tasks for handy help with development. It assumes you’re using Pow to serve your site locally. Since this is geared for designers starting from scratch, there’s no styling.

2. myell0w/MTDirectionsKit · GitHub

Why MTDirectionsKit?

Did you ever wonder why Apple didn’t provide a way to show directions directly on top of MKMapView and force you to switch to their built-in just to guide your users somewhere? We too, that’s why we built MTDirectionsKit.

3. neonichu/BBUDebuggerTuckAway · GitHub



“Xcode plugin for auto-hiding the debugger once you start typing in the source code editor.”

4. phusion/baseimage-docker · GitHub

"A minimal Ubuntu base image modified for Docker-friendliness

Baseimage-docker is a special Docker image that is configured for correct use within Docker containers. It is Ubuntu, plus modifications for Docker-friendliness. You can use it as a base for your own Docker images.

5. python/pythondotorg · GitHub

The new!"

Note, if you run Vagrant on the Mac, just ‘vagrant up and vagrant ssh’ and your box will be provisioned with Chef and Python 3.3, a virtualenv set up with requirements installed and a database ready to use. Run ‘./ createsuperuser’ to use the admin.

6. raphaelcruzeiro/jquery-notebook · GitHub


A simple, clean and elegant WYSIWYG rich text editor for web aplications

Note: Check out the fully functional demo and examples here."

7. usablica/progress.js · GitHub


ProgressJs is a JavaScript and CSS3 library which helps developers create and manage progress bars for every object on the page."


8. Dive In: Resources for Web Animation ∙ An A List Apart Blog Post

"I’ll admit it—animation is usually left until the very end of my design process. After nearly all of my other design decisions have been made, I’ll look through the coded designs for opportunities to add some ‘flair.’ What I loved about Val Head and Rachel Nabors’ articles last week is that they advocated for a much more meaningful way to use animation. After reading their articles I immediately realized, ‘Wow, I should start thinking about animation way earlier.’



9. aekaplan/grid · GitHub


A simple guide to responsive design.


10. Start Coding with Wireframes ∙ An A List Apart Column

"So you’re a designer or UX professional, and you work with the web. Everyone’s telling you that you need to learn how to code: at a bare minimum, to gain a rudimentary understanding of HTML and CSS. And they’re probably right! After all, if you’re involved with making things for the web, it doesn’t hurt to get your hands a little dirty in the stuff it’s made of. Yes, coding can be intimidating, but have no fear. There’s a nice, easy place to get started: wireframes.

Close io

11. Startup Sales Negotiations 101 – How to Respond to Discount Inquiries

"People will sometimes reach out and ask for a discount on your product before they took the time to sign up for a trial and use it at all. What do you do when that happens?