The 10 Commandments for WordPress Blogging Beginners – Business 2 Community

"f you want to be a blogger you can join Tumblr, Blogger or a plethora of publishing platforms. They are easy, quick to setup and free. But if you want to get serious as an online publisher then you can’t go pass WordPress.

If you look around, every third person that you meet is a WordPress blogger (or at least has heard of WordPress). The world wide web is overflowing with company blogs, personal blogs and community blogs, in fact anything that you can think of has a dedicated blog!

Which made me think, what if Moses was here and blogging? What would his 10 Commandments for WordPress blogging beginners be?

Check the Link above for the full article. Here’s the list:

  1. Thou shalt have an ‘About Us’ page

  2. Thou shalt not have too many categories

  3. Thou shalt not install too many plugins

  4. Thou shalt download themes only from reputable sources

  5. Thou shalt change your permalink structure

  6. Thou shalt update

  7. Thou shalt back it up

  8. Thou shalt not crowd your sidebar

  9. Thou shalt rename the admin account

  10. Thou shalt be contactable