1. SVG text and Small, Scalable, Accessible Typographic Designs | CSS-Tricks

Let’s say you designed something with custom fonts that was a little bit fancy. Perhaps a certain word is positioned between the ascenders of another word below it. Some text is kerned out below to match the width of that same word.

2. Streamlining Mobile Interactions | Smashing Magazine

The mobile web is a harsh environment: mobile processors are slower than their desktop counterparts; network connectivity is flaky; bandwidth is low; latency is high; and touchscreen keyboards are slow. The best mobile web applications are the ones that excel at handling these challenges.

3. WordPress JSON REST API Version 1.0 Released

Version 1.0 of the JSON REST API plugin was released over the weekend, adding new user, revision and post meta endpoints. This release also introduces the project’s new long-term backwards compatibility policy for its internal PHP API and REST API, which will not be broken from this point forward as new endpoints and data are added.

4. WordCamp Vancouver to Hold Developer Edition in July

WordCamp Vancouver is gearing up for its fourth year and will be held on Saturday July 26th, 2014, at the BCIT Downtown Campus, in Vancouver. The event’s organization team announced this week that this year’s camp will be a “developer edition,” catering to the area’s tech community.

5. VVV Site Wizard Automates the Creation and Deletion of WordPress Development Sites

If you’re using Varying Vagrant Vagrants for WordPress development, the VVV Site Wizard, created by Alison Barrett, is a must-have tool for setting up new sites and deleting old ones. It’s a bash script that completely automates the otherwise lengthy process of adding a new site to VVV.

6. Make: A Free Responsive WordPress Theme with a Drag and Drop Page Builder

For the past few years, the holy grail for many WordPress theme makers is to create a theme that is easy for anyone to customize without touching a line of code. One of the most difficult aspects of site customization is building the layout, especially if you’re shooting for a responsive website.

Make is a new free theme that landed in the WordPress Themes Directory last night. It’s geared toward making it easy for you to design your own site with very basic level WordPress skills.

7. WordCamp Central Proposes Centralizing Post WordCamp Surveys

After attending a WordCamp, you’ll sometimes receive an email with a survey asking for your thoughts on how it went. The survey gives you an opportunity to rate and provide feedback on individual speakers as well as other aspects of the event. However, not all WordCamps send out surveys.

8. Mansoor Munib: Theme and Plugin Development In WordPress | WordPress.tv

The session talks about:

  • Best practices for development
  • Tips for efficient and fast development
  • Plugin code for download and then go through code and explain different parts.
  • My personal setting and preferences.
  • Motivation for sharing knowledge (plugins, code etc)

9. Jake Aull: Social Media Uses For WordPress Sites | WordPress.tv

Social media continues to grow in usage, as well as confusion. Today it influences search engine optimization more than ever, and there are more ways to integrate it with WordPress than ever before. What social channels do (or don’t) apply to your site and business? And which plugins should you use? Come out of this session with confidence in your approaches to social media and ties to WordPress. We’ll unravel the big ball of twine.

10. Trim the Bloat: Optimize Your Assets – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

In this post, we’re going to cover what to do with your assets like stylesheets, JavaScript files, images and more.

Less is more. That’s pretty much the message I’m trying to put forward with this entire series. To that end, I’ve talked about what to with over-done HTML in the, referenced a couple of resources that will help you get started with writing clean theme code, as well as finding the right plugins.