1. Programming Sucks Yep, it still sucks, and so does learning about how to do it. The word counterintuitive comes to mind.

2. Improving UI Animation Workflow with Velocity.js You can get animation going faster this way than CSS.

3. 200 Million Workers Want Windows 8 Tablets, Not iPads As Elmer Fudd would say “There’s something screwy going on here.”

4. Devonian Times ยป Tool tip: Online backup with Amazon S3 and Arq This could even be affordable.

5. How to gain easy access to your iPhone’s most important mail

I didn’t realize you could hide/unhide mailboxes above the fold.

6. Create a reminder on your Mac in an instant

Use Automator – you probably aren’t using it enough.

7. Beamer 2 review: Drag and drop to stream any video to an Apple TV

This seems to make showing a video via Apple TV a breeze.

8. Standalone Google Docs and Sheets Apps Released, With Slides to Come | Mac|Life

Google apps keep getting better. Microsoft better keep looking over their shoulders.

9. Add Multiple URLs to a Calendar Event – Mac OS X Hints

Solution – Drag multiple URLs to the Desktop and drag the web location file back to your Calendar.

10. Create very unique signatures in Preview – Mac OS X Hints

Pen and Ink anyone?