1. Freebie: Summer And Essentials Icon Set (50 Icons, EPS, AI, PNG) | Smashing Magazine

or those of you who are impatiently waiting for summer to finally arrive, we’re pleased to feature an icon set that will help make the wait worthwhile. Today’s icon set includes 50 icons that have been designed by Elena Genova exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. Download the icon set for free.

2. Love Generating SVG With JavaScript? Move It To The Server! | Smashing Magazine

I hope that by now, in 2014, there is no need to explain why SVG is a blessing to developers who want to ensure that their graphics look sharp on all devices, especially with their huge diversity of resolutions.

3. iOS quick tips: How to show timestamps and start a phone call in Messages

Apple’s iOS is a powerful mobile operating system, but many of its most productive features are hidden or simply not well known. With this iOS Quick Tip, AppleInsider shows off two of the least-appreciated features of the Messages app.

4. Apple expected to unveil new smart home platform at WWDC – report

At next week’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple is apparently planning to make a big splash in the connected “smart home” market, introducing new ways for the iPhone, iPad and even Apple TV to control lights, security systems and other household appliances.

5. Amazon’s Tactics Confirm Its Critics’ Worst Suspicions – NYTimes.com

Amazon is confirming its critics’ worst fears and it is an ugly spectacle to behold.

For years, authors and publishers have warned that Amazon, Jeff Bezos’ book-selling giant, would one day use its power for ill. Sure, so far, Amazon has marketed itself as a book buyer’s best friend. It sells books at terrifically low prices, it delivers them amazingly quickly, and it constantly invents new technologies to improve the way we read. Amazon has also invested heavily in publishing new authors and it has pushed exciting new formats made possible by electronic distribution.

6. As Publishers Fight Amazon, Books Vanish – NYTimes.com

Amazon’s power over the publishing and bookselling industries is unrivaled in the modern era. Now it has started wielding its might in a more brazen way than ever before.

Seeking ever-higher payments from publishers to bolster its anemic bottom line, Amazon is holding books and authors hostage on two continents by delaying shipments and raising prices. The literary community is fearful and outraged — and practically begging for government intervention.

7. How to set a default To address in Mavericks’ Mail | Macworld

My husband has three email addresses. I almost always want to send to his Mac.com address, and for years, that’s what Mail automatically used when I typed his name. But when I upgraded to Mavericks (at least that’s what appears to have been the trigger), Mail decided that I really wanted to send to his Yahoo address. So every time I add him to an email, I have to manually change the auto-filled address to his Mac.com address. Is there a way to force Mail to always use the same address?

8. Need an annotated iPhoto slideshow? Turn to Keynote instead | Macworld

I have some information that I’d like to present to a group via a slideshow that they’ll watch on their computers. I have the pictures I need in iPhoto but I can’t find a way to annotate them. Is it possible?

Not in an effective way. The Ken Burns and Classic slideshow themes let you display captions. And although you could do this by adding some text to each image’s Description field within its Info window and then choosing to display the description as a caption, iPhoto will cut off long strings of text rather than wrap them to a new line. Plus, there’s no way to add a background shape (a colored rectangle, for example) to help set off the text.

9. How to combine two DVDs into a single movie | Macworld

First, you’ll have to rip each disc, a process we’ve described many times. The free HandBrake continues to be my tool of choice for such chores. I’d suggest that you rip them using HandBrake’s Apple TV 3 preset to get the best looking video.

Once you have the ripped versions of your two movies you must find a way to join them. Although you can do this in iMovie and QuickTime 7 Pro, the operation can take hours. To speed up the process I use MKVToolNix an open-source utility that converts video files into the MKV format. Among its talents is MKVMerge, which will combine multiple movie files and export them as a single MKV file.

10. Copying address lists from Excel into Apple’s Mail | Macworld

I have an Excel spreadsheet that contains a list of email addresses. Before Mavericks, I could create an email message that used all these addresses simply by copying the cells and pasting them into a message’s To field. With Mavericks’ Mail the necessary comma is missing between each address when I paste them in. Without the commas I can’t send the message because I’m told the addresses aren’t formatted correctly. Is there a way to fix this?