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1. WPAlchemy MetaBox PHP Class

The WPAlchemy_MetaBox PHP class can be used to create WordPress meta boxes quickly. It will give you the flexibility you need as a developer, allowing you to quickly build custom meta boxes for your themes and plugins.

GitHub WordPress Frameworks

2. themeforce/framework · GitHub

The Theme Force Framework is the most comprehensive solution for restaurant websites based on WordPress. It is structured as a modular feature-set highly relevant to industry needs. This read-me only provides usage instructions, please see the developer page below for more information.

Warning: At this point & without our full infrastructure, you will be missing certain functions (primarily in the food area). We hope to consolidate these at one poin in the future. For now however, this repository should be used as a reference as a opposed to a solution you depend on. We also do not provide downloadable themes.

3. UpThemes/UpThemes-Framework · GitHub

To get started using the framework, you simply need your own WordPress theme.

Read the documentation for more details: UpThemes Framework Documentation


Whiteboard Framework has been helping WordPress developers cut back on their development time and improve their WordPress powered websites since 2008.

Whiteboard framework for WordPress was developed to speed up the development of WordPress themes. Whiteboard does so by eliminating the time spent on code common to all WordPress themes and includes non-intrusive code that improves the overall WordPress theme in many ways – including SEO, speed, usability, mobile support, and multi-lingual support.

5. ReduxFramework/extension-boilerplate · GitHub

Example boilerplate for Redux extensions.

If you use the Terminal at all, and you should, have a look a Homebrew.

6. brunophilipe/Cakebrew · GitHub

The Homebrew GUI App for OS X

7. Static Sites with Sculpin (php[tek] 2014) // Speaker Deck

What is old is new again. Static sites in PHP.

8. Easy Mac Hacks: Set Screen Saver as Desktop Background | Mac|Life

Fun stuff if your system can handle it.

9. Breaking news at 1000ms – Front-Trends 2014 // Speaker Deck

An introduction into how the Guardian are making their next generation website load as fast as possible, and ultimately breaking the news to the user within 1000ms.

During the talk you will discover why performance matters, what are the common performance bottlenecks in the browser from networking to painting and learn how to best optimize and monitor each stage of the critical path to create fast, junk free websites.

10. smajda/todo.txt-web

A simple, iPhone-friendly web interface for written in PHP and spiced up with a wee bit of jQuery.

Designed to work well in Mobile Safari on an iPhone/iPod Touch.

ToDo.txt-CLI is worth a look as well