1. API-Centric Architecture: All Development is API Development | Apigee Blog

Developers and architects often think of APIs as a continuation of the integration-based architectures that have long been in use within enterprise IT. But this is a narrow view.

2. Don’t Forget to Cover Your Client Side! – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

Client side unit testing presents different challenges than server side testing. When dealing with client side code, you will find yourself struggling to separate application logic from DOM logic, as well as just structuring JavaScript code in general. Fortunately there are a lot of great client side testing libraries out there to help test your code, create metrics about the test coverage, as well as analyze the complexity of it.

3. Help Test the BuddyPress Attachments Plugin

After shipping BuddyPress 2.0, the plugin’s core contributors decided to adopt WordPress’ features-as-plugins development model for working on the possibility of a new media component. Mathieu Viet, better known as @imath, has been working on an Attachments API that will allow BuddyPress to store media as attachments. Plugin developers will also be able to make use of the new API for handling media and files.

4. WordPress Contributors Move Toward Automating Accessibility Testing

Accessibility is one of those areas of WordPress contribution that hardly ever ends up in the spotlight. Much of the work that goes on in this area is invisible to the vast majority of users. Accessibility experts are generally in shorter supply than other types of contributors as well. Why aren’t more people involved in this important aspect of the web?

5. Keep Track Of WordCamp Miami Through WPArmchair

WordCamp Miami 2014, is shaping up to be one of the best WordPress events of the year. With 700 tickets sold and 100 people on the waiting list, the opportunity to attend the event has disappeared for all but the luckiest individuals. If you can’t make it to the event, keep an eye on WPArmchair.com.

6. Create A Custom WordPress Admin Experience With Adminimize

Over the years, WordPress has added features, menus, and options throughout the backend. I’m constantly reminded of the 80/20 rule of software development where 20% of the software is not used. I’ve noticed I rarely visit some of the links and menus in the backend of WordPress but there is no easy way to remove them from view.

7. Josh Broton: You Don’t Need jQuery | WordPress.tv

As developers, one of the first things we do when starting a new project is enqueue jQuery and start writing code. That’s the way it’s always been, and works for you. But as devices get smaller, processors get slower, and web apps get more complicated, jQuery can cause some fairly serious performance issues. So let’s take a step back from jQuery and talk about ways VanillaJS is faster and simpler.

8. joshbroton/you-dont-need-jquery

Plain old javascript will doo…

9. Michelle Schulp: Design Is In The Details: How Decisions Shape Communication | WordPress.tv

Learn from examples that show how specific design decisions influence UX and effectiveness. This talk goes through specifically what works and what doesn’t.

This session is for all non-designers (new and advanced developers, business owners, site dabblers, etc) that want to learn more about design and UX decisions to apply to their own work, or have better conversations with their team members.

10. Design Is In The Details // Speaker Deck

How specific and seemingly minor design decisions influence UX and effectiveness