1. jessepollak/card

Card – check out the demo

a better credit card form in one line of code


Card will take any credit card form and make it the best part of the checkout process (without you changing anything). Everything is created with pure CSS, HTML, and Javascript — no images required.

2. andlabs/ui

Platform-native GUI library for Go.

3. grant/swift-cheat-sheet

A short guide to using Apple’s new programming language, Swift.

NEW: Download the PDF version of this guide!

4. fullstackio/FlappySwift

An implementation of Flappy Bird in Swift for iOS 8.

Flappy swift

5. davidmerfield/randomColor

A color generator for JavaScript. For generating attractive random colors. See the results on the demo. For questions or comments follow me on twitter.


6. interagent/http-api-design

This guide describes a set of HTTP+JSON API design practices, originally extracted from work on the Heroku Platform API.

This guide informs additions to that API and also guides new internal APIs at Heroku. We hope it’s also of interest to API designers outside of Heroku.

Our goals here are consistency and focusing on business logic while avoiding design bikeshedding. We’re looking for a good, consistent, well-documented way to design APIs, not necessarily the only/ideal way.

7. hiphopapp/hiphop

Free music streaming app


8. Flolagale/mailin

Artisanal inbound emails for every web app


9. mdznr/What-s-New

Easily present the latest changes and features to your users on app updates.

Whats new

10. mentionapp/mntpulltoreact

One gesture, many actions. An evolution of Pull to Refresh.

Pull to refresh