1. Dynamic Drive CSS Library- Responsive Iconic Menu

This sleek horizontal menu bar stays tucked away until the user clicks on an icon, revealing the menu. Using CSS3, various parts of the menu are animated, from the menu unveil to the icon flip when clicked on. Pizzazz aside, at its core this is a menu that’s highly responsive to various devices and screen sizes. The menu intelligently switches between the standard menu bar, a slightly truncated menu, to a drop down menu based on the user’s available screen real estate. It’s a beautiful thing when style and function come together!

2. Issue #108 | CSS Weekly

In this interesting interview Nicole Sullivan tells why bubblegum, carpentry and pianos hold lessons for performance-conscious coders.

3. What You Need To Know About WordPress 3.9, but were afraid to ask. Don’t be, 3.9 won’t hurt you.

4. Understanding CSS Timing Functions

People of the world, strap yourself in and hold on tight, for you are about to experience truly hair-raising excitement as you get to grips with the intricacies of the hugely interesting CSS timing function!

Hmm – cron jobs for CSS.

5. A Guide To Validating Product Ideas With Quick And Simple Experiments | Smashing Magazine

You probably know by now that you should speak with customers and test your idea before building a product. What you probably don’t know is that you might be making some of the most common mistakes when running your experiments.

This just seems to be a neat idea.

6. MacBook Air refresh delivers most affordable mass-market notebooks in Apple history

Get your $899 MacBook Air, while it’s hot, cheapest notebook yet for Apple.

7. Devonian Times » Tuesday tip: Manage your ebooks in DEVONthink

Tuesday tip: Manage your ebooks in DEVONthink

Out-of-the-box DEVONthink displays and searches many file formats including PDF or Office documents. For files it doesn’t understand it uses Quick Look and Spotlight to make their proprietary content usable. With these two free plugins you can add the .epub file format to your system. As soon as you’ve installed the plugins, DEVONthink shows at least book covers, finds books by their content, and converts them to plain text.

Yes, I have a fondness for DEVONthink Pro Office and DEVONagent.

8. Devonian Times » Tuesday Tip: Find indexed instances

Tuesday Tip: Find indexed instances

If you want to copy a database to an external drive it’s useful to know which items you have imported and which are just indexed. To find out in DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office, open the Search window (Tools > Search). Leave the query field blank, check Search for: All. Now click the Advanced button and enter these criteria: All of the following are true; Kind is Any Document; Instance is (not) Indexed. Click OK to start the search.

9. Bugs & Fixes: Slow Wi-Fi reconnect after MacBook wakes up | Macworld

Many Mavericks users report that their MacBooks take an irritatingly long time to reconnect to their local Wi-Fi network after waking from sleep. While this symptom had been occasionally reported prior to Mavericks, there has been a resurgence of complaints following the release of OS X 10.9. Something new seems to be at fault.

Easiest fix: I learned of a surprising alternative work-around: Turn off Bluetooth.

10. How to sync bookmarks with two iCloud accounts | Macworld