1. felipernb/algorithms.js

Javascript All the Things

Atwood’s Law applied to CS101.

Classic algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript, you know… FOR SCIENCE.

2. venmo/synx


A command-line tool that reorganizes your Xcode project folder to match your Xcode groups.

3. Laverna/laverna

Laverna is a JavaScript note taking application with Markdown editor and encryption support. Consider it like open source alternative to Evernote.


The application stores all your notes in your browser local storage spaces such as indexedDB or localStorage, which is good for security reasons, because only you have access to them.

Demo: https://laverna.cc/ OR http://laverna.github.io/static-laverna

4. OWASP/DevGuide

The OWASP Guide – Bit of a mystery, looking for documentation writers. Seems to involve security.

5. cockroachdb/cockroach

A Scalable, Geo-Replicated, Transactional Datastore

Cockroach is a distributed key/value datastore which supports ACID transactional semantics and versioned values as first-class features. The primary design goal is global consistency and survivability, hence the name. Cockroach aims to tolerate disk, machine, rack, and even datacenter failures with minimal latency disruption and no manual intervention. Cockroach nodes are symmetric; a design goal is one binary with minimal configuration and no required auxiliary services.

6. kikinteractive/app

app.js – mobile webapps made easy

App.js is a lightweight JavaScript UI library for creating mobile webapps that behave like native apps, sacrificing neither performance nor polish.

  • cross-platform (Android 2.2+, iOS 4.3+)
  • themable platform-specific UI designs
  • configurable native-like transitions
  • automatically managed navigation stack
  • built-in widgets for general use-cases

The goal of App.js is to provide a robust starting point for mobile webapps, handling general scenarios, and maintaining compatiblity with other common JavaScript libraries.

7. strongloop/loopback

LoopBack is an open source Node.js framework built on top of Express optimized for mobile, web, and other devices. Connect to multiple data sources, write business logic in Node.js, glue on top of your existing services and data, connect using JS, iOS & Android SDKs.


8. BaiduPS/sofa-pbrpc

A light-weight RPC implement of google protobuf RPC framework.

Wiki: https://github.com/BaiduPS/sofa-pbrpc/wiki


  • High performace.
  • Easy to use. Refer to sample codes in ‘./sample’.
  • Support sync call and async call. Refer to ‘./sample/echo’.
  • Support three level (service/method/request) timeout. Refer to ‘./sample/timeout_sample’.
  • Support transparent compression. Refer to ‘./sample/compress_sample’.
  • Support mock test. Refer to ‘./sample/mock_sample’.
  • Support network flow control.
  • Support auto connecting and reconnecting.
  • Support keep alive time of idle connections.
  • Support statistics for profiling.

9. TosinAF/WWDC–2014-Submissions

WWDC2014 logo

Try out WWDC apps inside your browser:


A curated list of all the WWDC Submissions in one place – 63 so far…

Feel free to add your 2014 student scholarship submission.

10. gmetais/grunt-devperf

Helps front-end developers to reach a good quality and good performances, based on phantomas and grunt-phantomas.

Day after day, while working on your project, keep an eye on performance metrics and get warnings for things you should optimize.