1. facebook/pop

Pop is an extensible animation engine for iOS and OS X. In addition to basic static animations, it supports spring and decay dynamic animations, making it useful for building realistic, physics-based interactions. The API allows quick integration with existing Objective-C codebases and enables the animation of any property on any object. It’s a mature and well-tested framework that drives all the animations and transitions in Paper.

2. tiimgreen/github-cheat-sheet

It’s back… A collection of cool hidden and not so hidden features of Git and GitHub. This cheat sheet was inspired by Zach Holman’s Git and GitHub Secrets talk at Aloha Ruby Conference 2012 (slides) and his More Git and GitHub Secrets talk at WDCNZ 2013 (slides).

3. julianshapiro/velocity

Accelerated JavaScript animation. http://VelocityJS.org Velocity is undergoing its final stage of testing. Full release (including test suite) is scheduled for May 5th.

4. google/WebFundamentals

Web Fundamentals is a technical documentation center for multi-device web development. Our goal is to build a resource for modern web developers that’s as curated and thorough as developer.android.com or iOS Dev Center.

View the live site: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/

5. orlandotm/payment-webfont

An SVG webfont full of icons of main payment systems created by @orlandotm with Icomoon.

6. lulzlabs/AirChat

Airchat is a free communication tool, free as in ‘free beer’ and free as in ‘Jeremy Hammond must be freed’. It doesn’t need the internet infrastructure, nor does it need a cellphone network, instead it relies on any available radio link (or any device capable of transmitting audio – we even made a prototype working with light/laser based transmissions).

7. zachlatta/postman

Postman is a command-line utility for batch sending email.

8. hashicorp/consul

Consul is a tool for service discovery and configuration. Consul is distributed, highly available, and extremely scalable.

9. jdan/isomer

An isometric graphics library for HTML5 canvas

View the official project page or try it out.

10. brunophilipe/Cakebrew

Cakebrew does for Homebrew what Synaptics does to Linux package managers. With Cakebrew you can search, install, uninstall and update formulas and the Homebrew repository, all from within the app.

Do you need to use Homebrew but are afraid to use the terminal? Cakebrew is the app for you!