Reblog Content From Other Sites using “Press This” Bookmarklet

“Among all the features in WordPress, Press This could probably be one of the least known. Have you heard about it? Even though it has been included since the early versions of WordPress with the name of Press It, not many people use it as a blogging tool.

Press This is a bookmarklet. By using Press This, you can grab bits of content, images, links, or embedded video that you find interesting from any websites, and then use them as part of your new post. In the other word, it is also known as a Reblog, like what you do in Tumblr.”

I’m not a fan of the WordPress blog editor, preferring to use an external editor, MarsEdit instead. This is a good way to get started with WordPress. MarsEdit offers bookmark lets for all the major browsers (and works in some of the minor ones such as DEVONagent as well).