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Life: A New Option for Journal-Keepers | Mac.AppStorm

“For many of us, recording memories and life experiences is a labour of love — and as with most things in modern life, ‘there’s an app for that.’ Or, more accurately, there are now many apps dedicated to personal journal-keeping.


MacJournal and the now-retired Chronories led the way on Mac, and in their wake have come new, original offerings such as Bits, as well as iOS imports such as Day One.

The latest addition to this genre is Life, a heavyweight diary app built by the folks at MacAppStudio, which features an advanced search and numerous methods of capturing day-to-day happenings, as you might expect of an app that costs $59.99. But does it make life-logging sufficiently frictionless to be worth the hassle? I went hands-on with the premium beta to find out…”

This has not been officially launched. It looks as though it will be competition for Day One (which I own on Mac – iOS). The selling feature here seems to be the image timeline. They are asking big bucks, so had better deliver.

Seems to me that these apps are a breath away from a personal blog.