How to Verify (& Repair) a Disk from the Command Line of Mac OS X

“The Disk Utility app bundled with Mac OS X has a command line equivalent which offers advanced users the ability to perform disk maintenance from the terminal, including disk verification and repairs. This allows for a variety of helpful troubleshooting abilities, including the possibility to remotely issue disk repairs though SSH, or through Single User Mode if the user accounts are inaccessible.

This guide is intended for advanced users who are comfortable with the Terminal and command line. Most Mac most users are better off sticking to the graphical side of things and repairing drives directly with with Disk Utility or through recovery mode.”

Generally not for the faint of heart. Be careful what you type in the Terminal (or I use iTerm 2. Copy and paste into if you can manage it, and play around with some simple things before you try making swiss cheese out of your hard drive. Just about everything in the web-programming world seems to revolve around the Terminal, including Ruby on Rails, Vagrant and WP-CLI to just name a few.

You may be able to access you website via SSH in the Terminal. It just depends on your service provider, and you probably will need to get them to activate it.