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“Roots has always offered awesome tools for theme developers who want a great head start and aren’t afraid to try the latest and greatest. The latest version of the very popular Roots starter theme has been renamed to Sage and now has even more magic to make your life better when developing WordPress themes.”

Presentation Slides

This is a good place to get started on designing your own themes.

Bunch of free themes from the WP repository – new ones that caught my eye


I’m looking for workflows to automate scraping. Beautiful Soup is written in Python partially for that purpose.

This is the bit that Beautiful Soup uses to extract excerpts from articles.

More Python – builtin modules.

Declarative wireframes based on web technologies.


Survey says Client Proposals are a big waste of time, for everybody concerned.

Some musings on Developers and Development.

This one is Ruby it has an official expension to support blogging, articles and tagging. Requirements – Ruby, Rubygems and Xcode.

WordPress Plugin Betas

Yes the mothership is making available Beta plugins, the ones intended to be incorporated into Core.


Automattic == WordPress They have signed on to an initiative to provide free secure certificates to protect your URL when you start up your website. This should help to cut down on the number of security issues on WordPress sites. The hope is the hackers will get bored and find something else to spend time on – maybe little blue pills.

Security issue fixes – see the item above…

How to work with messed up RSS feeds, a guide.

Bit of a SASS primer. Worth looking at to craft your CSS.