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• 1. Search Privately With Google – Use Blur Private Search!

"No matter what search engine you use, search providers know a whole lot about you. That’s the very foundation of their business.

Even if you’re blocking trackers with Blur, there’s a good chance that Google has created an extensive demographic profile based on your search behavior. (If you are logged in to your Google Account, you can click this link to view your Google advertising profile.)

We aren’t fans of this kind of data collection, and we don’t think many of you are, either. That’s why we’ve introduced Blur Private Search!

How does Private Search work? It’s simply a new add-in for the Blur browser extension that modifies Google search results to keep you from being identified when you use Google. Private Search prevents Google from storing cookies based on your search history – or storing your search history itself.

Even you are logged in to your Google Account in your browser, Private Search should prevent your search history from being saved.

And if you are a frequent Googler, Private Search will help you get more useful search results. Google claims to use what it knows about you to deliver better results content, but in doing so it skews results pages to what it thinks you’re interested in. The results you get with Private Search are fully “unbiased”.

When you use Private Search, Google will still be able to approximate your location using your IP address; if you want to mask where you are, your best bet is a virtual private network, or VPN.

Private Search is free, but you’ll need the Blur browser extension (which is also free) to use it. Currently, Private Search is only enabled in the Firefox and Opera extensions. We expect to add it to other browsers, although Google may prevent us from doing so with our Chrome extension."


• 2. Visit Open Web Pages on Other Devices with iCloud Tabs

Safari Compass

"Safari iCloud Tabs are a great feature that allow you to visit and access any actively opened web page in Safari on another iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This is really handy if you found something interesting on your iPhone but you’d rather read it on your iPad or Mac, or vice versa, and in some ways it works kind of like Handoff for Safari, except there’s even less effort involved to use it.

To use iCloud Tabs, you must obviously have iCloud enabled on at least two devices; what you’re viewing iCloud Tabs with, and what has the other webpages open in Safari with. iCloud Tabs will work with all of your devices if they’re on somewhat modern versions of OS X and iOS, however, so if you have two iPhones, an iPad, and a Mac, each using Safari, they’ll all show up and be accessible between one another."

• 3. How to Customize the Login Screen Wallpaper of Mac in OS X Yosemite

"Customizing the login screen appearance on a Mac is a nice way to add some personal (or corporate) flair to the OS X login experience. How exactly to change the login screen wallpaper has differed continuously in the many versions of Mac OS throughout the years, but with OS X Yosemite, the process of setting a custom wallpaper is perhaps the easiest it has been in quite some time.

Setting a unique login wallpaper this way is easily done and easily undone too. You can change the background image to anything you’d like, so if you have a picture handy that you’d like to use that’s great, otherwise you can look in our wallpapers section for something that suits you.

Back up your Mac with Time Machine before beginning, though this is a minor change you will want to have a fresh backup anyway just in case you somehow mess something up."

• 4. Mac Setup: A Clean & Simple iMac Workstation

“This weeks featured Mac setup is the really nice and clean minimalist desk setup of Joseph C.. Let’s jump to it and learn a bit more about this workstation and the apps that keep it going… don’t miss the great bonus fields wallpaper too!”

IMac Workstation

Redmond Pie

• 5. How To Set iPhone Speaker-phone As Default For Incoming Calls [iOS Tip] | Redmond Pie

"There are some times when having audio calls work though your iPhone’s built-in speaker just isn’t the optimal solution, and while it’s true that you can switch to speakerphone at any time during a call with the touch of a few on-screen buttons, wouldn’t it make sense to just route everything through that speaker by default if that suits you better?

The reason for doing such a thing could be one of many – it’s not unheard of for an iPhone’s earpiece to break, or perhaps you’re always sat at your desk and want to keep your hands free to type. Whatever the reason, there’s actually a little known setting on all iPhones that controls how phone call audio is routed."

First of all it’s rather strange to be quoting “Redmond Pie”. Times have changed. My new iPhone 6 was set so that it would automatically go to speaker. This post solved my problem.


• 6. TidBITS: Pebble Time Goes Public Before Apple Watch

“Much has been said about how the forthcoming (in April 2015) Apple Watch will dominate the smartwatch market. But market leader Pebble Technology, which got its start on Kickstarter in 2013, isn’t giving up. Instead, the company, which has sold over 1 million smartwatches, is launching Pebble Time, a new smartwatch with a color e-paper screen, 7 days of battery life, a new timeline interface, and a microphone.”

The more I hear about Apple Watch’s bling factor the less interested I am in it. The Pebble could be the way to go in the future.


• 7. Indie HTML5 Event Landing Page | Html5 Website Templates | Pixeden

Indie Folk Fest

"A very trendy HTML5 one page landing template, ideal for an event or company website.

Indie has all the different sections, colors schemes, and elements to create with ease any modern website template with a fixed scroll menu and a showcase slider."

I liked the looks of this landing template.


• 8. 100 Best Free Business Cards, Resume Templates and More of 2014 (Blast from the Past #6 ) | NOUPE

“Welcome to part 6 of our series ”Blast from the Past“. By now, you are already in possession of a vast collection of 90 free carefully executed GUI sets, 100 icon packs, 100+ PSD templates, the same number of HTML templates as well as over a hundred fonts, in flavors desktop, web and icon. Now you are fully equipped to perform the creation of a great web design. But what about other corporate identity items? Business cards, stationery or what if you are perfectly equipped but got no job? In this case our resume templates might just be what you are looking for. That’s what today’s collection is all about. Again, we searched thoroughly and came up with the 100+ best business card mockups, resume templates and other corporate identity necessities.”

Perhaps a bit heavy on the PSDs – but good design and well worth a look at.

WP Mayor

•9. Best WordPress Plugins for 2015 – WP Mayor

"As 2015 gets underway, we’re taking a look at the top WordPress plugins for this year.

There exists a plugin for almost any purpose on the WordPress platform, be it for security, analytics, backups, forms, affiliates, RSS feeds; anything you need.

We’ve gone through those plugins that firstly, were of most help to us, and secondly, were of most help to the rest of the WordPress community – that’s you!

So here’s our list of WordPress plugins that we feel will be of most value this year (in no particular order)."

Most of the usual suspects here, but also some surprises.

• 10. Best WordPress Plugins to Gather User Feedback – WP Mayor

"Getting feedback from your users is vital to maintain a good rapport with them and to figure out if your content contains any value and meets their standards.

WordPress has specific plugins aimed at getting this feedback in the easiest and quickest ways possible without interrupting your visitors’ experience too much. These plugins will be able to give you a more focused and specific idea of what your users think.

This feedback can come in many forms ranging from a simple star rating on a post to a suggestion box for future work. Either way, feedback won’t always be positive and some negative comments or ratings might be hard to take in. Nevertheless, it’s all valuable information that you need to assess. Certain plugins even have the option for your users to vote on other fellow users’ feedback, which will give you a better idea of which comments should be seen as the most valuable.

Whichever one you choose you can rest assured that it will help you keep your blog or website moving in the right direction; the one that leads directly to your users.

Today I’ve brought together some of the best free and premium plugins you can use to get some awesome user feedback. The first batch includes various types of feedback methods while the second includes plugins that provide only rating systems."

I was so frustrated with spam and spammers that at one point I shut all comments off. I now need to reconsider, because we all need feedback.