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• 1. Aisha Henderson: Sass and WordPress—Enhancing Your Front-End Workflow | WordPress.tv

This talk covers how to start your theme development with Sass and WordPress, using Underscores as the starter theme. While this session is geared towards beginning WordPress theme designers I recommend this for anyone inquiring about Sass and it’s awesome features.

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WordCamp Atlanta 2015


• 2. Create a Simple CRM in WordPress: Restricting / Hiding Unused Admin Menu Items – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

We’ve been looking at how to create a simple CRM system in WordPress. In the last part of this series, we added code to our plugin which allowed us to search our contacts based on the data stored in Advanced Custom Fields.

Today we’ll cover how to restrict access to WordPress Administration Menu items.

Roles and Capabilities

WordPress uses the concept of Roles, where a Role can be assigned to a WordPress User. This Role defines what the User can and cannot do.

By default, WordPress has six roles:

  • Super Admin
  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber

The permissions that a Role has are referred to as Capabilities, and WordPress provides lots of different capabilities (for example, install_plugins, update_themes, edit_pages, etc). If you’re interested in seeing the full list of Capabilities based on Role, see this WordPress Codex Page.

When we registered our Contacts Custom Post Type in Part 1 of this series, we defined the capability_type to be post. This means that the read, edit and delete capabilities for Contacts are the same as used for Posts.


• 3. Documenting Your Projects With Daux.io – Tuts+ Web Design Article

Documenting a project can be a nuisance, but it needn’t be. There are quite a few tools out there to get the job done–I often use Daux.io because of its flexibility.

In this article I’ll show you why you should document, how you can get Daux.io and how you can start using it right now to make your projects much better.

Why Documentation is Needed

Writing documentation for your project could be the single most important decision you make. The reason this is often overlooked for web-based projects is that there isn’t that much at stake.

WP Mayor

• 4. Five Typography Tips to Elevate Your Design – WP Mayor

  • Look beyond the surface
  • Know your media
  • Small changes have substantial effects
  • Be consistent
  • Don’t be afraid to break the mold

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• 5. Gateway: A Free WordPress Theme Built on the Foundation Framework

The homepage design for Gateway includes a full-width header background image, a spot for featured posts, and a featured video. All of the theme options can be found in the customizer, including logo upload, accent color and background settings.

Gateway includes a custom page template for the home page as well as a full-width template. 404 pages also have a unique design. The theme includes support for one primary navigation menu and four optional widget areas.

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• 6. JLB | Web Design Trends 2015

  1. Long scrolling sites
  2. Split screens
  3. Parallax scrolling
  4. Responsive web design
  5. Large visual headers
  6. Storytelling
  7. Hidden menus

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• 7. Qards: How to Create a Post Story Like Mashable Does – WP Mayor

Connected. That’s the word that best describes our actual status quo. Informed, up to date, eager to keep track with everything that matches our interests.

Aim high and start creating visual content that matters

Mashable. Techcrunch. Wired. New York Times. All of these publishers have something in common: valuable content. They deliver and craft not only news and articles, but also visual stories that grab our attention.

If your dream is to create post stories like they do, then continue to read this article. You will find out more about Qards, a robust drag and drop visual editor for WordPress, easy-to-use by anyone who wants to start building strong digital articles that will make a difference.


• 8. Running Your Own Open Source Email Server: Administering iRedMail – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

This is part two of a tutorial series for Running Your Own Open Source Email Server. In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through configuring and customizing iRedMail’s administrative back-end console, iRedAdmin. You can use iRedAdmin to add domains, manage users and more. I’ll also cover how to configure your DNS records to help your server coexist well with other mail servers and their spam filters.


• 9. Why You Shouldn’t Code URLs in Themes or Plugins—and the WordPress Functions to Use Instead – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

When you’re developing a theme or a plugin, you’ll often find that you have to include a URL in your code. For example, in a plugin you might need a link to a stylesheet bundled with the plugin, while in a theme you’ll probably want to code the site’s URL in your header.

It might be tempting to simply code the URL in the same way as you might in a static site, but it’s a bad idea. In this tutorial I’ll explain why you shouldn’t do this—and show you the functions you can use to create URLs dynamically.

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• 10. XSS Vulnerability: What to do if You Buy or Sell Items on Themeforest and CodeCanyon

Earlier this week, one of the largest coordinated efforts between WordPress plugin authors, Sucuri, and the WordPress security team resulted in a number of popular plugins receiving security updates. Due to inaccurate information within the WordPress codex, a number of developers improperly assumed the add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() functions would properly escape user input.

When combined, Themeforest and CodeCanyon sell nearly 8.8K WordPress items. Stephen Cronin, Quality Team Leader for Themeforest and CodeCanyon, has published an official forum post that describes the vulnerability and how sellers can check for it within their items. If items you sell use the following code, it is likely affected.