1 • Fresh Resources for Web Developers – February 2015


  • Gradient Animator – Imageless gradients
  • SVG Pocket Guide – A reference guide to SVG images
  • Flexbugs – Flexbox hacks
  • Icono – CSS Icons
  • Dillinger – Cloud Markdown editor
  • HTML5Up – Templates by category
  • CSS Colors – Color name, hex and rgba
  • Emmet Re-View – Chrome extension for parsing websites
  • TypeGenius – Select font pairs in Google Fonts
  • SearchCode – Where was that snippet?

3 • Understanding WordPress Custom Meta Box

In the previous post, we have talked about the WordPress custom field, which allows you to add and output a new entry in a post using the Custom Field box that WordPress provides in the post editing screen. If however you are not comfortable using the custom field box (we all have our individual preferences), here’s an alternative: you can create a meta box.

The steps to create a meta-box….

4 • How to Retrieve Your Gravatar Image URL

Using Gravatar

Let’s start from the basics. WordPress has a special integrated function, get_avatar, which allows us to retrieve the gravatar image. This function requires two parameters: the user ID or email, and the size of the image to display.

Perishable Press

5 • Integrating Google No Captcha reCaptcha In WordPress Forms | Perishable Press

Thankfully reCaptcha doesn’t mimic Captcha’s indecipherability. You just check a box to show you are not a bot.

WP First Aid

6 • Did You Know: wp_parse_args() … | WP First Aid

I’m pretty sure I know the Doctor. This is a good site to visit to look at the code innards of WordPress. They aren’t always pretty.

7 • [Using __ versus using x | WP First Aid](http://wpfirstaid.com/2015/01/using-_-versus-using-_x/)

One with comments – _x one without.

8 • Extend Post Format Support With Filters | WP First Aid

Making things child-theme friendly.


9 • Reframing Accessibility for the Web · An A List Apart Article

It’s all about ability, not disability and avoiding out geeking your website.

10 • Variable Fonts for Responsive Design · An A List Apart Blog Post

Superpolator to the rescue! Lobotomized type >> responsive fonts.