1. • [Something For Everyone: 28 of the Best WordPress Themes Ever – WPMU DEV](http://premium. •wpmudev. •org/blog/best-wordpress-themes-ever/)

Seven theme categories are covered:

  • Business – Enfold, X, Specular, Vantage
  • Portfolio – Oshin, Ananke, Crush, Portfolio Press
  • eCommerce – Mindig, Regency, Abundance, Virtue
  • One-Pager – Jarvis, SCRN, Brooklyn, Moesia
  • News/Magazine – Mag XP, Simple Mag, Newspaper, Hueman
  • Minimalist – BUZZBLOG, FastBlog, Heap, Sparkling

Note – These are premium themes, except for the free fourth theme in each category.

  1. • [Moving Multisite to a New Domain (Without Errors!) – WPMU DEV](http://premium. •wpmudev. •org/blog/move-multisite-new-domain/)

Warning some database and file edits required. Not for the faint of heart.

  1. • [Creating a Welcome Screen For Your WordPress Plugin – WPMU DEV](http://premium. •wpmudev. •org/blog/plugin-welcome-screen/)

This practice is to be encouraged. Most developers seem to be hopeless at even basic graphic design.

  1. • [40 Impressive (and Free!) WordPress Themes for Freelancers – WPMU DEV](http://premium. •wpmudev. •org/blog/free-wordpress-themes-freelancers/)

Good list of possibilities – browse away.

  1. • [How to Change JPEG Compression in WordPress – WPMU DEV](http://premium. •wpmudev. •org/blog/fix-jpeg-compression/)

You need to change a filter in function.php. Jpegs are automagically shrunk and often appear pixelated.

  1. • [How to Bulk Delete Users in WordPress – WPMU DEV](http://premium. •wpmudev. •org/blog/bulk-delete-users/)

Getting rid of those phantom spam author varmints.

WordPress Developers

  1. • [Lossy Image Compression with Photon | Developer Resources](https://developer. •wordpress. •com/2015/02/04/lossy-image-compression-with-photon/)

Two new parameters quality and strip.


  1. • [Issue #148 | CSS Weekly](http://css-weekly. •com/issue–148/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+CSS-Weekly+%28CSS+Weekly%29)

Usual good review of anything moving in the CSS world.

  • Compositing and blending in CSS
  • Animating the mobile web
  • Using the CSS :target selector to create JavaScript-less UI effects
  • Playing with CSS text-shadow
  • Fluid text inputs
  • Twitter “fave” animation
  • Fun with line-height
  • Hover.css
  • SCSS-Lint
  • SVG Goo Effect Demo

Code as Craft

  1. • [Transitioning to SCSS at Scale – Code as Craft](https://codeascraft. •com/2015/02/02/transitioning-to-scss-at-scale/)

Preprocessor for CSS.


  1. • [The Gooey Effect | CSS-Tricks](http://css-tricks. •com/gooey-effect/)

Filters, filters everywhere.