• 1. Stack Overflow Developer Survey Ranks WordPress as the 3rd Most Dreaded Technology

  • This article is part of the Stack Overflow 2015 developer survey, so we are talking about developers here, not your everyday user. Still if you can bug a developer imagine how uneasy the user feels.
  • WP trailed only Visual Basic and Salesforce CRM in the most dreaded category, out of 10.
  • WP is a difficult platform to jump into and create something useful right away. The popularity of WP with users, currently 23.7% of all web sites means that developers don’t have many options other than to learn the idiosyncrasies of WP.

• 2. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About WordPress Domain Mapping | Elegant Themes Blog

  • Bring your wayward sites home.
  • Transfer your external CMS to WP.
  • Point your URL to a sub-level page. (The example given is that if you want to point to your blog, you can do so without the /blog in the URL).
  • The process is different for WP.org (you do the hosting) and WP.com.

• 3. How Do You Learn WordPress? Survey Results via Infographic

Survey says:

  • Online Text & Screenshots – 63%
  • Video Tutorials – 35%
  • 1 on 1 Training – 33%
  • Workshop / Class – 24%
  • 1 on 1 Online – 22%
  • Online Course – 21%
  • Books – 16%

As many ways as there are to learn anything – your performance may vary.

• 4. On the WordPress REST API: Reflecting on the past and looking to the future

  • This is currently a plugin but will eventually be merged with core.
  • I turned out to be a BIG project.
  • Backward compatibility has been a big issue.

• 5. 30 Free Smashing WordPress Themes For Personal Bloggers – WPMU DEV

  • Tom Ever’s personal picks.
  • He makes the point that Free ==> Crappy Themes is not longer the case.
  • Most of the usual bells and whistles – parallax for example.

• 6. Moving WordPress: An Introduction – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

  • Ideally you should be developing your website offline and move it online to make it live.
  • Various stacks make it easy to set up your own private computer Unix server.
  • My favourite is Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants/VVV
  • You will need to set up a free GitHub account to get at this, but why wouldn’t you?
  • There are lots of moving parts. This is not a simple process, but it is doable without too much hassle.

• 7. WordPress.tv | Engage Yourself with WordPress.tv

• 8. WPWeekly Episode 187 – The Pain Points of WordPress with Bob Dunn of BobWP

  • Podcast with Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch and guest Bob Dunn. (I’m pretty sure Bob Dunn put together the survey in item #3)

• 9. Git and WordPress: 3 Tips to Do It Better

  • Peter Suhm, creator of WP Pusher talks about the issues of using Git and WP together.
  • Git is a commandline versioning program and should be capable of moving and staging a WP sit from your computer sandbox to the server.

• 10. 18 Free WordPress Themes Built With Bootstrap

  • Bootstrap is the grid framework behind Twitter, and can be used with most CMSs, including WP.
  • Version 3.0 upped the game last year and V 3.1 introduced SASS control (for CSS).
  • Bootstrap is the main competitor for Zurb Foundation, but has been around longer and is more widely used.
  • You can do direct searches in the WP.org repository for these frameworks:

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WordPress › bootstrap « Free WordPress Themes