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1. • DawnPatrol Gives Fringe WordPress Communities a Voice

“DawnPatrol is a new project by Scott Basgaard and Noel Tock of HumanMade. The site is billed as a community experiment that features video clips of WordCamp participants from across the world. With non-English downloads of WordPress overtaking the number of English downloads for the first time this year, non-English speaking WordPress communities have become the silent majority. Using video and images, DawnPatrol gives fringe communities a voice.”

Tom McFarlin

2. • The Low Barrier To Entry of WordPress | Tom McFarlin

"Oftentimes, one of the great things you hear about WordPress is its low barrier to entry.

Depending on who you ask, this may be seen as a good thing or this may be seen as a bad thing. Whatever the perspective, I think there are inherent problems with treating any language and/or platform that way.

At best, experienced developers can pick it up quickly. At worst, beginners feel as if they’re lacking because this “low barrier” doesn’t actually feel so low."


3. • What to Expect in WordPress 4.1: Distraction Free in Anyone’s Language – WPMU DEV

"So with WordPress 4.1 expected to drop sometime next week, what can we expect?
For a start, we can look forward to at least three great features – a new default theme, an improved distraction-free writing mode and easy language access.

To me, it seems like 4.0 and 4.1 should have been merged into one big 4.0 release; this would have made everyone a lot happier!

In this post, we’ll go on a mini journey through WordPress 4.1 and what we all (hopefully!) will be updating to next week."

Elegant Themes

4. • The Evolution of WordPress Drag & Drop Systems | Elegant Themes Blog

"Way back when, we didn’t have these fancy drag and drop systems. If you wanted to move something from one side of the screen to another you had to go into FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or whatever you were using to create your website, and create a place for it to exist on the screen. Then you had to cut the content (text, image, etc.,) from its location and paste it into the new location. Then you had to resize everything until it looked the way you wanted. Every change affected everything else.

There was no “just grab it with your mouse and drop it where you want it.” Even if you were using a website theme you still had to cut and paste the elements manually. Also, our cell phones had antennas. That was 10 years ago.

ManageWP Blog

5. • Business Development Idea for WordPress Development Agencies/solo Developers – ManageWP

“If you are a web development company specialized in WordPress development and you are looking to expand your business, here is an idea how you can almost automate the influx of quality leads. As with any idea, this will work very well in the beginning until saturation in the market, as nobody seems to be doing it currently.”

Wp beginner

6. • How to Use Multiple Themes for Pages in WordPress

“With a little styling tweaks, you can easily create templates for pages, sections, and even a single post in your WordPress theme. But what if you wanted to use a completely different theme for a section or page on your website? In this article, we will show you how to use multiple themes for pages in WordPress.”

WP Mayor

7. • 30 Agriculture WordPress Themes To Boost Your Organic Farming Growth – WP Mayor

"If you’ve been looking for agriculture WordPress themes, then this compilation is for you, as it provides you with a thorough overview of the most popular and impressive organic farming templates. We all know the importance of quality products on our market, but the quality should be also a part of an agriculture website.

This collection of templates will give a hint on what your farming site may turn into, and I’m 100% sure that such a new appearance will make a huge positive impression on your visitors. Let your site become a proficient instrument to help your farming business grow bigger every day.

The organic themes have both modern look, and up-to-date features that will help your site to fit very naturally into the world of today’s web technologies. All of these 30 WordPress themes feature responsive design, that make your website look great not only on common PCs, but on other devices as well."

These are themes with produce pictures dudes. The Organic idea is WPMayor’s.


8. • The Greatest WordPress Resource Blogs to Follow

  1. WPBeginner
  2. WPKube
  3. WPMU Dev Blog
  4. WPLift
  5. TorqueMag
  6. Smashing Magazine
  7. Tom McFarlin
  8. WP Explorer
  9. BobWP
  10. SellwithWP
  11. Just Ask Kim
  12. Manage WP Blog
  13. CodeinWP
  14. Blondish.net
  15. Jupiter Jim’s Marketing Team
  16. WP Superstars
  17. WP Mayor
  18. Yoast
  19. Paulund
  20. Tuts+
  21. Chris Lema

24 Ways

9. • Developing Robust Deployment Procedures ◆ 24 ways

“Once you have developed your site, how do you make it live on your web hosting? For many years the answer was to log on to your server and upload the files via FTP. Over time most hosts and FTP clients began to support SFTP, ensuring your files were transmitted over a secure connection. The process of deploying a site however remained the same.”


10. • Social Media Tools that Marketers Love | Viget

"A recent Forrester report by Nate Elliot indicated that 73% of social relationship marketers wouldn’t reccomend the primary vendor or tool they use to manage their branded social profiles. In August, we launched SocialPiq (as a part of our innovation lab, Pointless Corp.) as a simple way to solve this issue and help marketers find social media tools based on their individual preferences.

SocialPiq pairs a user’s needs with the most appropriate tool to meet those needs and prevents the frustration of randomly choosing a tool that ends up being a poor fit. Query options include capabilities, supported social media networks, business scale, and more. After logging thousands of user searches in the past few months, we’re excited to share our findings so far!"