1 • sdelements/lets-chat

"A self-hosted chat app for small teams.

Let sChat


Features and Stuff

  • BYOS (bring your own server)
  • Persistent messages
  • Multiple rooms
  • New message alerts / notifications
  • Mentions (hey @you)
  • Image embeds
  • Code pasting
  • File uploads
  • Transcripts / chat history
  • XMPP Multi-user chat (MUC)
  • Local / Kerberos / LDAP authentication
  • Hubot Adapter
  • REST-like API
  • MIT Licensed"

2 • Flipboard/react-canvas


Introductory blog post

"React Canvas adds the ability for React components to render to <canvas> rather than DOM.

This project is a work-in-progress. Though much of the code is in production on flipboard.com, the React canvas bindings are relatively new and the API is subject to change.


Having a long history of building interfaces geared toward mobile devices, we found that the reason mobile web apps feel slow when compared to native apps is the DOM. CSS animations and transitions are the fastest path to smooth animations on the web, but they have several limitations. React Canvas leverages the fact that most modern mobile browsers now have hardware accelerated canvas.

While there have been other attempts to bind canvas drawing APIs to React, they are more focused on visualizations and games. Where React Canvas differs is in the focus on building application user interfaces. The fact that it renders to canvas is an implementation detail.

React Canvas brings some of the APIs web developers are familiar with and blends them with a high performance drawing engine."

3 • phanan/htaccess

".htaccess Snippets
A collection of useful .htaccess snippets, all in one place. I decided to create this repo after getting so tired (and bored) with Googling everytime there’s a need of forcing www for my new website.

Disclaimer: While dropping the snippet into an .htaccess file is most of the time sufficient, there are cases when certain modifications might be required. Use with your own risks.

IMPORTANT: Apache 2.4 introduces a few breaking changes, most notably in access control configuration. For more information, check the upgrading document as well as this issue.


What I’m doing here is mostly collecting useful snippets from all over the interwebs (for example, a good chunk is from Apache Server Configs) into one place. While I’ve been trying to credit where due, things might be missing. If you believe anything here is your work and credits should be given, let me know, or just send a PR."

4 • Tox/toxic


Toxic is a Tox-based instant messenging client which formerly resided in the Tox core repository, and is now available as a standalone application."


5 • pixle/subway

Subway Icon Set

Subway is a set of 306 pixel perfect crafted icons optimized for:

  • iOS (30px/@1x and 60px/@2x)
  • iOS 7/8 Style (30px/@1x, 60px/@2x, 90px/@3x, iOS 8 PDF)
  • Windows Phone (48px and 72px)
  • Windows 8 (40px)
  • BlackBerry 10 (96px, 81px, 71px and 61px)
  • delivered in PNG, SVG, XALM, PSD, CSH, SKETCH, PDF, AI and EPS format."


6 • Mofarrell/p2pvc


“A point to point color terminal video chat.”


7 • grayghostvisuals/transformicons

Transform Icons

What’s a transformicon?

"It’s an animated symbol/button/icon that morphs using a combination of SVG, CSS or HTML.

We also provide a builder that gives developers the ability to select their preferred transformicons and output for finer control.

What browsers do you support?

IE10+, Chrome 36+, Safari 6+, Firefox 30+, Opera 22+, iOS 7+, Android 4+, Chrome for Android 38+"

8 • thebinarysearchtree/regexpbuilderjs

RegExpBuilder v1.0

"RegExpBuilder integrates regular expressions into the programming language, thereby making them easy to read and maintain. Regular Expressions are created by using chained methods and variables such as arrays or strings.

How to start

There are implementations available for Dart, Javascript, Java, and Python."

9 • HubPress/hubpress.io


What Is HubPress?


"HubPress is a free, open source tool to build your future awesome blog!

Created and maintained by Anthonny Quérouil (twitter @anthonny_q).


HubPress is actually in preview, if you find some bugs come to see us.
Documentation is rapidly evolving as the project gains momentum. Check back regularly for more tips on how to use HubPress."

10 • haxpax/gosms


Your own local SMS gateway

What’s the use ?

"Can be used to send SMS, where you don’t have access to internet or cannot use Web SMS gateways or want to save some money per SMS, or have minimal requirements for personal / internal use and such

  • deploy in less than 1 minute
  • supports Windows, GNULinux, Mac OS
  • works with GSM modems
  • provides API over HTTP to push messages to gateway, just like the internet based gateways do
  • takes care of queuing, throttling and retrying
  • supports multiple devices at once"