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1. Voog/wysihtml


wysihtml is an extended and less strict approach on xing/wysihtml5 open source rich text editor based on HTML5 technology. The code is completely library agnostic: No jQuery, Prototype or similar is required.

This project is supported by Voog.

Do you suppose the world could ever have enough rich (or plain) text editors? Have a look – ‘Auto linking of urls as-you-type’.

2. Tribler/tribler

Tribler Build Status

Making Bittorrent anonymous and impossible to shutdown.

We use our own dedicated Tor-like network for anonymous torrent downloading. We implemented and enhanced the Tor protocol specifications plus merged them with Bittorrent streaming. More info: https://github.com/Tribler/tribler/wiki Tribler includes our own Tor-like onion routing network with hidden services based seeding and end-to-end encryption, detailed specs: https://github.com/Tribler/tribler/wiki/Anonymous-Downloading-and-Streaming-specifications

The aim of Tribler is giving anonymous access to online (streaming) videos. We are trying to make privacy, strong cryptography and authentication the Internet norm.

Tribler currently offers a Youtube-style service. For instance, Bittorrent-compatible streaming, fast search, thumbnail previews and comments. For the past 9 years we have been building a very robust Peer-to-Peer system. Today Tribler is robust: “the only way to take Tribler down is to take The Internet down” (but a single software bug could end everything).

3. athyuttamre/tab-snooze

Tab Snooze

Snooze tabs for later.

Tab SnoozeScreenshot

Download v0.1 Alpha. Note that you have to side load it on chrome://extensions as explained here.

4. ianyh/Amethyst


Tiling window manager for OS X similar to xmonad, written in pure Objective-C.http://ianyh.com/amethyst/

5. emirozer/fake2db

FAKE2DB (a work in progress)

Generate fake but valid data filled databases for test purposes using most popular patterns(AFAIK). Current support is sqlite, mysql, postgresql, mongodb.

6. google/end-to-end


End-To-End is a Chrome extension that helps you encrypt, decrypt, digital sign, and verify signed messages within the browser using OpenPGP.

This is the source code for the alpha release of the End-To-End Chrome extension. It’s built upon a newly developed, JavaScript-based crypto library. End-To-End implements the OpenPGP standard, IETF RFC 4880, enabling key generation, encryption, decryption, digital signature, and signature verification. We’re releasing this code to enable community review; it is not yet ready for general use.

7. lib/pq


A pure Go postgres driver for Go’s database/sql package

8. kozross/awesome-c

Awesome C

A curated list of C good stuff. I give preference to free software for code, and sellers who aren’t evil for physical resources.

This is released under the GNU Free Documentation License – its text is provided in the LICENSE file.

9. driftyco/ionic

What is Ionic?

Ionic is the open source HTML5 Mobile Framework for building amazing, cross-platform hybrid native apps with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

10. vhf/free-programming-books

List of Free Learning Resources (Free Programming Books)

If you want to find a learning resource, you should definitely check out our site, Free Learning Resources. And for those who want to learn a computer language, you should check out these books on reSRC.io or on github. This list initially was a clone of stackoverflow – List of Freely Available Programming Books by George Stocker. Now updated, with dead links gone and new content.