.NET Core

1. • dotnet/corefx

This repository contains the foundational libraries that make up the .NET Core development stack.

.NET Home

2. • Microsoft/dotnet

dotnet is the official home of .NET on GitHub. It’s a starting point to find .NET OSS projects from Microsoft, including those that are part of the .NET Foundation.



3. • arrayfire/arrayfire

ArrayFire is a high performance software library for parallel computing with an easy-to-use API. Its array based function set makes parallel programming simple.

ArrayFire’s multiple backends (CUDA, OpenCL and native CPU) make it platform independent and highly portable.

A few lines of code in ArrayFire can replace dozens of lines of parallel computing code, saving you valuable time and lowering development costs.


4. • VincentGarreau/particles.js

A lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles.


5. • nate-parrott/Flashlight

The missing Spotlight plugin system

.NET Foundation

6. • dotnet/home

We foster open development, collaboration and community engagement on the .NET platform. The .NET Foundation is the steward of a growing collection of open source technologies for .NET, Microsoft’s comprehensive development framework.

Please visit dotnetfoundation.org for more information.


7. • callemall/material-ui

Material-UI is a CSS framework and a set of React components that implement Google’s Material Design specification.

Check out our documentation site for live examples. It’s still a work in progress, but hopefully you can see where we’re headed.


8. • maxwellito/vivus

Demo available on http://maxwellito.github.io/vivus

Vivus is a little JavaScript class (little, because it’s being lightweight and having no dependency) to make drawing animation with SVGs in a webpage. Different animations are available, even scripting the entire SVG to do whatever you want.


9. • derekparker/delve

Delve is a Go debugger, written in Go.

Sketch to App Store

10. • clusterinc/SketchToAppStore

Generate App Store images for all iPhone sizes from Sketch

With the new iPhones, it’s now a huge pain to create screenshots for iTunes Connect. This tool was created to save you a ton of time.

BONUS – github-todos

11. • naholyr/github-todos

Github-Todos is a git hook to convert your TODOs into Github issues.

You can read the full presentation from wiki for detailed information.