• 9 – odewahn/docker-jumpstart

"This is the source for the Docker Jumpstart, a short guide by Andrew Odewahn from O’Reilly Media to help you get up and running with Docker. Its table of contents is:

  • Introduction. A basic intro about what Docker is and isn’t.
  • boot2docker. How to get Docker running on Mac or Windows.
  • Images: Layered filesystems. A brief explanation of images and layers.
  • Containers: Running instances of an Image. Using docker run to turn a static image into a running container.
  • Creating your own Docker Image. Putting everything together to make your own images.
  • Building images with Dockerfiles. Dockerfiles, a lightweight IA tool to describe an image’s contents.
  • Sharing images on Docker Hub. Finding and sharing images with the world.
  • Additional Resources. Where to learn more once you’ve mastered the basics of Docker.

Topics I’d love to cover in more depth are in the wishlist directory. Most of this stuff is just a place to keep links and research will (OK, might) someday lead to a more in-depth coverage."