FIVE THINGS Programming

Ionic Blog

• 1. Announcing Ionic 1.0! | The Official Ionic Blog

1.0.0 Uranium-Unicorn pixie dust has landed. As the header explains, this is an HTML5 hybrid app development SDK.

The Latest

  • Native scrolling
  • Swipe to go back interactive transitions
  • Collective repeat redone
  • Navigation improved
  • SVG spinner encapsulate icons
  • Platform continuity
  • Keyboard modals and orientation change


• 2. Inspiration for Text Styles and Hover Effects

Facebook icon

• 3. Instant Articles | Facebook

Fast interactive articles for Facebook. Seamless video. I’m not a fanboy on Facebook, but this could

• 4. Lily – The Camera That Follows You

Interesting camera drone that follows you, thereby reducing the creepiness. This could take some of the wind out of the sales of Go Pro.


• 5. Paper – Think with Pen & Paper (Parody) on Vimeo

Bit of a video parody on the Paper app – with 2 dimensional fiber paper.