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CSS Regions Matter | Flippin’ Awesome

“I wrote this article before the news came out that Google decided to pull Regions out of Blink, which, in my opinion, is a big loss for the web community. So, even though the content of the article may go in vain, I think it’s still worth sharing why I think CSS Regions mattered, and wish they weren’t ditched like that. I hope you guys like it anyway.

Disclaimer: In no way is this article meant as an attack on Mr. Håkon Wium Lie’s article about CSS Regions. Mr. Håkon’s article served as an incentive for me to dig deeper into CSS Regions, and during the process, I learned a lot about them, and about other future CSS features, and this article is the result of what I found out and my personal opinion regarding the usefulness of CSS Regions.”

Well worth a read. Interesting what can happen in the interface between open source software and large commercial interests.