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BuiltWith Reports a 7% Increase in WordPress Usage

"BuiltWith, the popular service dedicated to monitoring internet technology trends and providing platform usage analytics, released its bi-annual internet coverage report for CMS usage from January – July 2015. The report shows that WordPress, which accounts for 48% of total CMS’s tracked, added 1.1 million domains since January.

WordPress has been found on an additional 1.1 million domains since January but only accounts for a 7% increase in customer base. Whereas Ghost was added to 2,184 domain home pages and accounts for a 17% increase in their customer base.

The title of the summary is “CMS Market Share Increases by Install Base,” but WordPress is the only CMS shown in the chart with an actual market share value assigned based on its place among tracked competitors."

CMS Gain Domains
WordPress +7% +1,149,956
Squarespace +33% +151,867
Ghost +17% +2,184
Wix +14% +154,783