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AccuRaw: Solid, Lightweight RAW Conversion | Mac.AppStorm

“At the best of times, even with the smallest of images, photo editing has always been a challenging process for any app to cope with. This problem has only worsened with the ever-increasing number of pixels being added to sensors, and the ever-increasing size of the files those sensors produce. Add the uncompressed nature of RAW files into the equation, and you have a recipe for crash-inducing disaster — a disaster that is only avoided with highly skilful development.

Adobe has managed to avoid such troubles, in the shape of Photoshop RAW plugin, and with Lightroom, both of which are trusted by photographers the world over. Apple, too, has raised the standard of Aperture over the years, and it is now as good as any all-in-one you’d care to mention. And the choice doesn’t stop at the software giants — Capture One, darktable and CameraBag are great RAW converters as well.

Hoping to join this league is AccuRaw ($29.99), a new, lightweight conversion app from small development studio, PCDMagic. It looks the part and is well equipped on paper; but is AccuRaw an alternative that’s worth having?”


Accuraw Screen Shot – Pretty fresh – no ratings at the Mac App store.

Some Notes

  • Very much a RAW converter and not a general purpose image editor
  • Adjustments via slider for just about everything – easy access to the basics
  • Good with technically challenging adjustments
  • Profiles and Presets are included
  • Good batch conversion


AccuRaw is a proficient, dependable introduction to RAW conversion, and a reasonably priced one at that. 8/10