A Library of WP-CLI Commands for BuddyPress

“BuddyPress developers, here’s something new for your toolbox. Boone Gorges has created a WP-CLI community package of BuddyPress commands. This collection includes just a few commands that have helped him with BuddyPress development but he welcomes your pull requests.

So far, the commands include:

  • bp activate — Activate a component.
  • bp activity_create — Create a single activity item.
  • bp activity_generate — Generate a large number of random activity items.
  • bp deactivate — Deactivate a component.
  • bp group_create — Create new BuddyPress groups.
  • bp groupaddmember — Add a member to a BuddyPress group.
  • bp member_generate — Create lots of site members, with the proper BP metadata.”

Note that the main WP-CLI project is open to input as well, on github.